Chapter 35.81 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.81.005Declaration of purpose and necessity.
HTMLPDF 35.81.015Definitions.
HTMLPDF 35.81.030Encouragement of private enterprise.
HTMLPDF 35.81.040Formulation of workable program.
HTMLPDF 35.81.050Findings by local governing body requiredExercise of community renewal agency powers.
HTMLPDF 35.81.060Comprehensive planPreparationHearingApprovalModificationEffect.
HTMLPDF 35.81.070Powers of municipality.
HTMLPDF 35.81.080Eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 35.81.090Acquisition, disposal of real property in community renewal area.
HTMLPDF 35.81.095Selection of person to undertake redevelopment or rehabilitation of real property.
HTMLPDF 35.81.100BondsIssuanceForm, terms, payment, etc.Fund for excess property tax, excise tax.
HTMLPDF 35.81.110Bonds as legal investment, security.
HTMLPDF 35.81.115General obligation bonds authorized.
HTMLPDF 35.81.120Property of municipality exempt from process and taxes.
HTMLPDF 35.81.130Powers of public bodies.
HTMLPDF 35.81.140Conveyance to purchaser, etc., presumed to be in compliance with chapter.
HTMLPDF 35.81.150Exercise of community renewal project powers.
HTMLPDF 35.81.160Exercise of community renewal project powersAssignment of powersCommunity renewal agency.
HTMLPDF 35.81.170Discrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 35.81.180Restrictions against public officials or employees acquiring or owning an interest in project, contract, etc.
HTMLPDF 35.81.190Local improvement districtsEstablishmentSpecial assessmentsBonds.
HTMLPDF 35.81.200Local improvement districtsContent of notice.
HTMLPDF 35.81.910Short title.