Chapter 28B.140 RCW



HTMLPDF 28B.140.005Policy.
HTMLPDF 28B.140.010Scope of authority.
HTMLPDF 28B.140.020Financial responsibility of universityNo state general fund obligation.
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It is the policy of the state to encourage basic and applied scientific research by the state's research universities. The creation of knowledge is a core mission of the state's research universities, and research provides teaching and learning opportunities for students and faculty. State-of-the-art facilities for research by research universities serve to attract the most capable students and faculty to the state and research grants from public and private institutions throughout the world. The application of such research stimulates investment and employment within Washington and the strengthening of our tax base. In order to finance research facilities, the state's research universities often use federal, state, private, and university resources and therefore require the authority to enter into financing arrangements that leverage funding sources and reduce the costs of such complex facilities to the state.

Scope of authority.

The University of Washington and Washington State University each may:
(1) Acquire, construct, rehabilitate, equip, and operate facilities and equipment to promote basic and applied research in the sciences;
(2) Borrow money for such research purposes, including interest during construction and other incidental costs, issue revenue bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, refinance the same before or at maturity, and provide for the amortization of such indebtedness by pledging all or a component of the fees and revenues of the university available for such purpose derived from the ownership and operation of any of its facilities or conducting research that are not subject to appropriation by the legislature and that do not constitute general state revenues as defined in Article VIII, section 1 of the state Constitution;
(3) Enter into leases, with or without an option to purchase, of real and personal property to be used in basic and applied research in the sciences; and
(4) Lease all or a portion of such facilities and equipment as is deemed prudent by the university to provide for research conducted by persons or entities that are not part of the university but that provide rental income to support university research facilities or provide opportunities for the interaction of public and private research and research personnel, including students and faculty.

Financial responsibility of universityNo state general fund obligation.

The governing body of a university financing facilities and equipment under this chapter shall give due regard to the costs of maintaining and operating such facilities and equipment during the useful lives of the facilities and equipment. No state appropriated funds may be used for (1) the payment of maintenance and operation of the facilities and equipment financed under this chapter; or (2) the grant or contract-supported research activities housed in these facilities. If funding through grants or contracts for research activities housed in these facilities is reduced, eliminated, or declared insufficient, the funding deficiencies are not a state obligation to be paid from the state general fund.

Authority of chapterSupplemental.

The authority granted by this chapter is supplemental to any existing or future authority granted to the University of Washington and Washington State University and shall not be construed to limit the existing or future authority of these universities.

Reports to the legislature.

Before January 31st of each year, the University of Washington and Washington State University must report to the ways and means committee of the senate and the capital budget committee of the house of representatives on the financing arrangements entered into under the authority of this chapter.