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Duties of state librarianLending fees for interlibrary services.

The state librarian shall be responsible and accountable for the following functions:
(1) Establishing content-related standards for common formats and agency indexes for state agency-produced information. In developing these standards, the state librarian is encouraged to seek involvement of, and comments from, public and private entities with an interest in such standards;
(2) Managing and administering the state library;
(3) Exerting leadership in information access and the development of library services;
(4) Acquiring library materials, equipment, and supplies by purchase, exchange, gift, or otherwise; and, as appropriate, assisting the legislature, other state agencies, and other libraries in the cost-effective purchase of information resources;
(5) Employing and terminating personnel in accordance with chapter 41.06 RCW as may be necessary to implement the purposes of this chapter;
(6) Entering into agreements with other public or private entities as a means of implementing the mission, goals, and objectives of the state library and the entity with which it enters such agreements. In agreements for services between the library and other state agencies, the library may negotiate an exchange of services in lieu of monetary reimbursement for the library's indirect or overhead costs, when such an arrangement facilitates the delivery of library services;
(7) Maintaining a library at the state capitol grounds to effectively provide library and information services to members of the legislature, state officials, and state employees in connection with their official duties;
(8) Serving as the depository for newspapers published in the state of Washington thus providing a central location for a valuable historical record for scholarly, personal, and commercial reference and circulation;
(9) Promoting and facilitating electronic access to public information and services, including providing, or providing for, a service that identifies, describes, and provides location information for government information through electronic means, and that assists government agencies in making their information more readily available to the public;
(10) Collecting and distributing copies of state publications, as defined in RCW 40.06.010, prepared by any state agency for distribution. The state library shall maintain the state publications distribution center, as provided in chapter 40.06 RCW to provide copies of materials that are not available in electronic format to state depository libraries;
(11) Providing for the sale of library material in accordance with RCW 27.12.305;
(12) Providing advisory services to state agencies regarding their information needs;
(13) Providing for library and information service to residents and staff of state-supported residential institutions;
(14) Providing for library and information services to persons throughout the state who are blind and/or physically disabled;
(15) Assisting individuals and groups such as libraries, library boards, governing bodies, and citizens throughout the state toward the establishment and development of library services;
(16) Making studies and surveys of library needs in order to provide, expand, enlarge, and otherwise improve access to library facilities and services throughout the state;
(17) Serving as an interlibrary loan, information, reference, and referral resource for all libraries in the state. The state library may charge lending fees to other libraries that charge the state library for similar services. Money paid as fees shall be retained by the state library as a recovery of costs; and
(18) Accepting and expending in accordance with the terms thereof grants of federal, state, local, or private funds. For the purpose of qualifying to receive such grants, the state librarian is authorized to make applications and reports required by the grantor.


Findings2006 c 199: "The state of Washington recognizes that an informed citizenry is indispensable to the proper functioning of a democratic society. It is the basic right of citizens to know about the activities of their government, to benefit from the information developed at public expense, and to have permanent access to the information published by state agencies.
The secretary of state through the state library must ensure permanent public access to public state government publications, regardless of the format, and prescribe the conditions for use of state publications in depository libraries." [ 2006 c 199 s 1.]
Captions not lawEffective dates1996 c 171: See notes following RCW 2.68.050.
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