Chapter 26.26 RCW



26.26.021Scope of actChoice of lawSurrogate parentage contracts.
26.26.031Courts of this stateAuthority.
26.26.041Protection of participants.
26.26.051Determination of parentage.
26.26.065Mandatory use of approved forms.
26.26.101Establishment of parent-child relationship.
26.26.106No discrimination based on marital or domestic partnership status.
26.26.111Consequences of establishment of parentage.
26.26.116Presumption of parentage in context of marriage or domestic partnership.
26.26.130Judgment or order determining parent and child relationshipSupport judgment and ordersResidential provisionsCustodyRestraining ordersNotice of modification or termination of restraining order.
26.26.132Support ordersCompliance with RCW 26.23.050.
26.26.134Support ordersTime limit, exception.
26.26.138Restraining orderKnowing violationPenaltyLaw enforcement immunity.
26.26.145Proof of certain support and paternity establishment costs.
26.26.150Enforcement of judgments or orders.
26.26.160Modification of judgment or orderContinuing jurisdiction.
26.26.165Health care coverage.
26.26.190Relinquishment of child for adoptionNotice to other parent.
26.26.210Surrogate parentingDefinitions.
26.26.220Surrogate parentingPersons excluded from contracting.
26.26.230Surrogate parentingCompensation prohibited.
26.26.240Surrogate parentingContract for compensation void.
26.26.250Surrogate parentingProvisions violatedPenalty.
26.26.260Surrogate parentingCustody of child.
26.26.270Parenting planDesignation of parent for other state and federal purposes.
26.26.300Acknowledgment of paternity.
26.26.305Execution of acknowledgment of paternity.
26.26.310Denial of paternity.
26.26.315Rules for acknowledgment and denial of paternity.
26.26.320Effect of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.
26.26.325Filing fee for acknowledgment or denial of paternity.
26.26.330Proceeding for rescission of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.
26.26.335Challenge after expiration of time for rescission of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.
26.26.340Procedure for rescission or challenge of acknowledgment or denial of paternity.
26.26.345Ratification barred of unchallenged acknowledgment of paternity.
26.26.350Full faith and credit.
26.26.355Forms for acknowledgment and denial of paternity.
26.26.360Release of information.
26.26.365Adoption of rules.
26.26.370Acknowledgment of paternityApplication of RCW 26.26.300 through 26.26.375Adjudication.
26.26.375Judicial proceedings.
26.26.400Genetic testingApplication of RCW 26.26.405 through 26.26.450.
26.26.405Order for genetic testing.
26.26.410Requirements for genetic testing.
26.26.415Report of genetic testing.
26.26.420Genetic testing resultsRebuttal.
26.26.425Costs of genetic testing.
26.26.430Additional genetic testing.
26.26.435Genetic testing when specimen not available.
26.26.440Genetic testingDeceased individual.
26.26.445Genetic testingIdentical brothers.
26.26.450Confidentiality of genetic testingPenalty.
26.26.500Proceeding to adjudicate parentage authorized.
26.26.505Standing to maintain proceeding to adjudicate parentage.
26.26.510Parties to proceeding to adjudicate parentage.
26.26.515Proceeding to adjudicate parentagePersonal jurisdiction.
26.26.520Proceeding to adjudicate parentageVenue.
26.26.525Proceeding to adjudicate parentageNo time limitation: Child having no presumed or adjudicated second parent and no acknowledged father.
26.26.530Proceeding to adjudicate parentageTime limitation: Child having presumed parent.
26.26.535Proceeding to adjudicate parentageAuthority to deny genetic testing.
26.26.540Proceeding to adjudicate parentageTime limitation: Child having acknowledged father or adjudicated parent.
26.26.545Joinder of proceedings.
26.26.550Proceeding to adjudicate parentageBefore birth.
26.26.555Child as partyRepresentation.
26.26.570Proceeding to adjudicate parentageAdmissibility of results of genetic testingExpenses.
26.26.575Proceeding to adjudicate parentageConsequences of declining genetic testing.
26.26.585Proceeding to adjudicate parentageAdmission of paternity authorized.
26.26.590Proceeding to adjudicate parentageTemporary order.
26.26.600Rules for adjudication of parentage.
26.26.605Proceeding to adjudicate parentageJury prohibited.
26.26.610Proceeding to determine parentageHearingsInspection of records.
26.26.615Adjudication of paternityOrder on default.
26.26.620Dismissal for want of prosecution.
26.26.625Order adjudicating parentage.
26.26.630Binding effect of determination of parentage.
26.26.700Application of RCW 26.26.705 through 26.26.740.
26.26.705Child of assisted reproductionParental status of donor.
26.26.710Parentage of child of assisted reproduction.
26.26.715Consent to assisted reproduction.
26.26.720Child of assisted reproductionLimitation on dispute of parentage.
26.26.725Child of assisted reproductionEffect of dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership.
26.26.730Child of assisted reproductionParental status of deceased individual.
26.26.735Child of assisted reproductionEffect of agreement between egg donor and woman who gives birth.
26.26.740Child of assisted reproductionIssuance of birth certificate.
26.26.750Identifying informationRequirement to provideDisclosure.
26.26.760Sexual assault resulting in pregnancyParental rights and responsibilities.
26.26.903Uniformity of application and construction2002 c 302.
26.26.904Transitional provision.
26.26.911Short title2002 c 302.
26.26.914ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Arrest without warrant in domestic violence cases: RCW 10.31.100.
Child support enforcement: Chapter 26.18 RCW.
Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.
Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.