Chapter 24.03 RCW



24.03.009Notice by electronic transmissionConsent requiredWhen effective.
24.03.017Corporation may elect to have chapter apply to itProcedure.
24.03.025Articles of incorporation.
24.03.027Filing false statementsPenalty.
24.03.035General powers.
24.03.040Defense of ultra vires.
24.03.043Indemnification of agents of any corporation authorized.
24.03.045Corporate name.
24.03.046Reservation of exclusive right to use a corporate name.
24.03.047Registration of corporate name.
24.03.048Renewal of registration of corporate name.
24.03.050Registered agent.
24.03.055Change of registered agent.
24.03.060Service of process on corporation.
24.03.065MembersMember committees.
24.03.075Meetings of members and committees of members.
24.03.080Notice of members' meetings.
24.03.095Board of directors.
24.03.100Number and election or appointment of directors.
24.03.103Removal of directors.
24.03.1031Judicial removal of directors.
24.03.110Quorum of directors.
24.03.113Assent presumedProcedures for dissent or abstention.
24.03.120Place and notice of directors' meetings.
24.03.127Duties of a director.
24.03.130Removal of officers.
24.03.135Required documents in the form of a recordInspectionCopying.
24.03.140Loans to directors and officers prohibited.
24.03.145Filing of articles of incorporation.
24.03.150Effect of filing the articles of incorporation.
24.03.155Organization meetings.
24.03.160Right to amend articles of incorporation.
24.03.165Procedure to amend articles of incorporation.
24.03.170Articles of amendment.
24.03.175Filing of articles of amendment.
24.03.180Effect of filing of articles of amendment.
24.03.183Restated articles of incorporation.
24.03.185Procedure for merger.
24.03.190Procedure for consolidation.
24.03.195Approval of merger or consolidation.
24.03.200Articles of merger or consolidation.
24.03.205Merger or consolidationWhen effective.
24.03.207Merger or consolidation of domestic and foreign corporation.
24.03.210Effect of merger or consolidation.
24.03.215Sale, lease, exchange, or other disposition of assets not in the ordinary course of business.
24.03.217Sale, lease, exchange, or disposition of assets in course of businessMortgage and pledge of assets.
24.03.220Voluntary dissolution.
24.03.225Distribution of assets.
24.03.230Plan of distribution.
24.03.235Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings.
24.03.240Articles of dissolution.
24.03.245Filing of articles of dissolution.
24.03.250Involuntary dissolution.
24.03.255Notification to attorney general.
24.03.260Venue and process.
24.03.266Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationSuperior courts.
24.03.271Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationVenueProceedingsCourt's authorityDistribution of assets.
24.03.276Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationDecree.
24.03.295Filing of decree of dissolution.
24.03.300Survival of remedy after dissolutionExtension of duration of corporation.
24.03.302Administrative dissolutionReinstatementSurvival of actions.
24.03.305Registration of foreign corporationAuthority to conduct affairs.
24.03.310Powers of foreign corporationEffect of registrationGoverning law.
24.03.315Corporate name of foreign corporationFictitious name.
24.03.325Foreign registration statement.
24.03.332Certificate of authority as insurance companyFiling of records.
24.03.334Certificate of authority as insurance companyRegistration or reservation of name.
24.03.335Effect of foreign registration statementRight of state to terminate registration.
24.03.340Registered agent of foreign corporation.
24.03.345Change of registered agent of foreign corporation.
24.03.350Service on foreign corporation.
24.03.360Merger of foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this state.
24.03.365Amended foreign registration statement.
24.03.370Withdrawal of foreign corporation.
24.03.380Termination of registration.
24.03.390Conducting affairs without registering.
24.03.395Annual report of domestic and foreign corporations.
24.03.405Applicable fees, charges, and penalties.
24.03.417Fees for services by secretary of state.
24.03.420Penalties imposed upon corporation.
24.03.425Penalties imposed upon directors and officers.
24.03.430Interrogatories by secretary of state.
24.03.435Confidential nature of information disclosed by interrogatories.
24.03.440Power and authority of secretary of state.
24.03.445Duty of secretary of state to fileReview of refusal to file.
24.03.455Greater voting requirements.
24.03.460Waiver of notice.
24.03.465Action by members or directors without a meeting.
24.03.470Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.
24.03.480Postsecondary education loansInterest rates.
24.03.490Public benefit nonprofit corporation designation established.
24.03.500Public benefit nonprofit corporationsTemporary designation.
24.03.510Public benefit nonprofit corporationsApplication.
24.03.520Public benefit nonprofit corporationsRenewal.
24.03.530Public benefit nonprofit corporationsFees.
24.03.540Public benefit nonprofit corporationsRemoval of status.
24.03.550Host home programsRegistration.
24.03.900Short title.
24.03.905Savings1967 c 235.
24.03.915Notice to existing corporations.
24.03.925Effective date1967 c 235.


Organization of condominium unit owners' association: RCW 64.34.300.
Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.