Chapter 2.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.16.010Association created.
HTMLPDF 2.16.020Officers.
HTMLPDF 2.16.040Uniform court rules.
HTMLPDF 2.16.050Annual meeting.
HTMLPDF 2.16.070Effect of chapter on existing laws.


Administrator for the courts: Chapter 2.56 RCW.

Association created.

All the judges of the superior courts of the state of Washington are hereby associated under the name of the superior court judges' association of the state of Washington.


FindingsPurpose2016 c 179: "The legislature finds and declares as follows:
(1) The legislature established the superior court judges' association statutorily in 1933, enacting what is now chapter 2.16 RCW. The purpose of this act is to render consistent the usage of the association's name, amending two sections to remove inconsistent uses of the association's name.
(2) For decades, the association has operated as the superior court judges' association. The association has been referred to by that name in numerous statutes, including: RCW 2.32.180 (which has used that name since 1957); RCW 2.56.150 (which has used that name since 1996); RCW 7.68.801 (which has used that name since 2013); RCW 9.94A.8673 (which has used that name since 2008); RCW 26.19.025 (which has used that name since 2007); RCW 70.96A.350 (which has used that name since 2002); and RCW 74.13.368 (which has used that name since 2009). In at least one instance in 2011, the association sued under the name superior court judges' association. Although the legislature initially used a variant of the name in its 1933 act and such a variation appears in one other statute, through long and regular usage, the association has come to be known as the superior court judges' association." [ 2016 c 179 § 1.]


The judges shall elect from their number a president, who shall be called president judge, and a secretary, who shall hold their offices from the date of one annual meeting of the association to the next.

Uniform court rules.

At its annual meetings, pursuant to section 24, Article IV of the state Constitution, the association shall have power to establish uniform rules for the government of the superior courts, which rules may be amended from time to time.


Rules of court: Cf. CR 83.
Rule-making power, supreme court: RCW 2.04.180 through 2.04.210.
Superior court rules: State Constitution Art. 4 § 24.
Uniform rules to be established: RCW 2.08.230.

Annual meeting.

The association shall meet annually at a time established by the association's governing board. At the meeting officers shall be chosen for the ensuing year, and other business transacted as may properly come before the association.

Effect of chapter on existing laws.

Except for the provisions of *RCW 2.16.060, this chapter shall not be held to repeal any other existing law relating to the visitation of judges.
[ 1933 ex.s. c 58 § 7; RRS § 11051-7.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 2.16.060 was repealed by 1973 c 106 § 40.