9.46.010  <<  9.46.0201 >>   9.46.0205

"Amusement game."

"Amusement game," as used in this chapter, means a game played for entertainment in which:
(1) The contestant actively participates;
(2) The outcome depends in a material degree upon the skill of the contestant;
(3) Only merchandise prizes are awarded;
(4) The outcome is not in the control of the operator;
(5) The wagers are placed, the winners are determined, and a distribution of prizes or property is made in the presence of all persons placing wagers at such game; and
(6) Said game is conducted or operated by any agricultural fair, person, association, or organization in such manner and at such locations as may be authorized by rules and regulations adopted by the commission pursuant to this chapter as now or hereafter amended.
Cake walks as commonly known and fish ponds as commonly known shall be treated as amusement games for all purposes under this chapter.
[ 1987 c 4 § 2. Formerly RCW 9.46.020(1), part.]
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