Chapter 89.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 89.16.005Short title.
HTMLPDF 89.16.010Declaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 89.16.020Reclamation account createdComposition.
HTMLPDF 89.16.040Payments from accountReclamation districts specifiedRehabilitation of existing projects.
HTMLPDF 89.16.045Loans from accountContractsRepayment.
HTMLPDF 89.16.050Powers and duties of director of ecology.
HTMLPDF 89.16.055Additional powers and duties enumeratedPayment for from reclamation account.
HTMLPDF 89.16.060Contracts with United States.
HTMLPDF 89.16.070Contracts with districts.
HTMLPDF 89.16.080State lands may be includedProcedure.


Reviser's note: Throughout this chapter several references are made to the "reclamation fund" and "reclamation revolving fund"; such fund was abolished and the moneys therein transferred to the "reclamation revolving account" in the general fund. See 1955 c 370 § 1; RCW 43.79.330. As to the references to officers and agencies, see note following title digest.