Chapter 88.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 88.46.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 88.46.020Coordination with federal law.
HTMLPDF 88.46.030Tank vessel inspection programs.
HTMLPDF 88.46.040Prevention plans.
HTMLPDF 88.46.050Vessel screening.
HTMLPDF 88.46.060Contingency plans.
HTMLPDF 88.46.0601Contingency plansDepartment to update rules.
HTMLPDF 88.46.062Nonprofit corporation providing contingency planFindingsTermination of maritime commission.
HTMLPDF 88.46.063Nonprofit corporation providing contingency planTransfer of functions and assets from maritime commission.
HTMLPDF 88.46.065Nonprofit corporation providing contingency planLiability limited.
HTMLPDF 88.46.068Adequacy of contingency plansPractice drillsRules.
HTMLPDF 88.46.070Enforcement of prevention plans and contingency plansDetermination of violationOrder or directiveNotice.
HTMLPDF 88.46.073Violations of rulesEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 88.46.080Unlawful operation of a covered vesselPenaltiesEvidence of approved contingency plan or prevention plan.
HTMLPDF 88.46.090Unlawful actsCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 88.46.100Notification of vessel emergencies resulting in discharge of oil.
HTMLPDF 88.46.120Tank vessel response equipment standards.
HTMLPDF 88.46.125Emergency response systemFundingIntentFinding.
HTMLPDF 88.46.130Emergency response system.
HTMLPDF 88.46.135Emergency response systemVessel planning standards.
HTMLPDF 88.46.139Emergency response systemAdequacy determinationPractice drills.
HTMLPDF 88.46.160Refueling, bunkering, or lightering operationsAvailability of containment and recovery equipmentRules.
HTMLPDF 88.46.165Oil transfersScope of rulesReporting volumes of oil transferred.
HTMLPDF 88.46.167Inspection authorityDepartment to conduct specialized reviews and prioritize adding capacity.
HTMLPDF 88.46.170Field operations programCoordination with United States coast guard.
HTMLPDF 88.46.180Planning standards for equipmentUpdates.
HTMLPDF 88.46.190Rule making for vessels of opportunity response system.
HTMLPDF 88.46.200Advisory marine safety committeesRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 88.46.210Volunteer coordination system.
HTMLPDF 88.46.220Equipment deployment drills of covered vessels.
HTMLPDF 88.46.230Umbrella plan holders.
HTMLPDF 88.46.250ModelAssessment of oil spill risks, emergency response towing vesselReport.
HTMLPDF 88.46.260Vessel traffic patterns, oil spill risksEffects of rulesBoard of pilotage commissioners and department to considerNotice.
HTMLPDF 88.46.901Effective dates1991 c 200.
HTMLPDF 88.46.921Office of marine safety abolished.
HTMLPDF 88.46.926Apportionments of budgeted funds.