Chapter 85.06 RCW



HTMLPDF 85.06.010Districts authorizedPowersManagement.
HTMLPDF 85.06.015Certain powers and rights governed by chapter 85.38 RCW.
HTMLPDF 85.06.070Eminent domain powersPurchase of real property authorized.
HTMLPDF 85.06.080CommissionersPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 85.06.090Petition for improvementContents.
HTMLPDF 85.06.100Petition for improvementEmployment of assistantsCompensation as costs in suit.
HTMLPDF 85.06.110SummonsContentsService.
HTMLPDF 85.06.120Appearance of defendantsJuryVerdictAssessment of damages and benefitsDecree.
HTMLPDF 85.06.125Special assessmentsBudgetsAlternative methods.
HTMLPDF 85.06.130Assessment of benefited lands formerly omittedProcedureAppeals.
HTMLPDF 85.06.140Dismissal of proceedings, whenCosts.
HTMLPDF 85.06.150Procedure to claim awards.
HTMLPDF 85.06.160Transcript of benefits to auditorAssessmentsCollectionSupplemental assessment.
HTMLPDF 85.06.180ConstructionContractorsPerformance bonds.
HTMLPDF 85.06.190Substantial changes in plansProcedure.
HTMLPDF 85.06.200Payments on contractsRetained percentage.
HTMLPDF 85.06.210Connecting private drainsProcedureCosts.
HTMLPDF 85.06.220Connecting with lower districtsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 85.06.230City or town may act as or be included in drainage district.
HTMLPDF 85.06.240Estimate for maintenance and repairEmergency expenditures.
HTMLPDF 85.06.250Organization of boardWarrants, how issued.
HTMLPDF 85.06.255Special assessment bonds.
HTMLPDF 85.06.330Warrants presented for indorsementWhen and how paid.
HTMLPDF 85.06.340TrialFindings and forms of verdict.
HTMLPDF 85.06.350Public lands subject to assessmentRights and liabilities of public corporations.
HTMLPDF 85.06.360Assessments on public landsHow paid.
HTMLPDF 85.06.370Fees for service of process.
HTMLPDF 85.06.380CommissionersCompensation and expenses.
HTMLPDF 85.06.390Improvement of watercoursesPreservation of vested rights.
HTMLPDF 85.06.400Powers of courtInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 85.06.500Extension or enlargement of system.
HTMLPDF 85.06.545Annexation of territoryConsolidation of special districtsSuspension of operationsReactivation.
HTMLPDF 85.06.550Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are dropped.
HTMLPDF 85.06.560Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedNotice to present claimsRegistration.
HTMLPDF 85.06.570Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedPetition to court for assessmentContents.
HTMLPDF 85.06.580Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedHearing to be fixedOrder for publication of notice.
HTMLPDF 85.06.590Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedNoticeContents, publication, etc.
HTMLPDF 85.06.600Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedHearingOrder for levyCosts.
HTMLPDF 85.06.610Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedCertification of order to tax levying officers.
HTMLPDF 85.06.620Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedDismissal of petition.
HTMLPDF 85.06.630Payment of preliminary expense where proceedings are droppedAppellate review.
HTMLPDF 85.06.640Additional improvementsAuthorizedChange in plans.
HTMLPDF 85.06.650Additional improvementsMethods of payment.
HTMLPDF 85.06.660Additional improvementsResolutionNotice and hearingProtestsAppellate review, conclusiveness of order of board.
HTMLPDF 85.06.670Additional improvementsAcquisition, sale of propertyContracts to share expense.
HTMLPDF 85.06.680Additional improvementsPrivate property not to be taken without compensation.
HTMLPDF 85.06.690Additional improvementsRight of eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 85.06.700Additional improvementsPowers are additional"Drainage district" defined.
HTMLPDF 85.06.710Costs in excess of estimateAuthorizedWarrants validated.
HTMLPDF 85.06.720Costs in excess of estimatePetition to reopen original proceedingsDamages and benefits.
HTMLPDF 85.06.730Costs in excess of estimateSummons on petitionContentsServiceAnswer.
HTMLPDF 85.06.740Costs in excess of estimateHearing by juryVerdict.
HTMLPDF 85.06.750Costs in excess of estimateJudgmentAppellate review.


Reviser's note: Part I of this chapter consists of chapter 115, Laws of 1895 as it has been amended and added to; thus the term "this act" has been translated to read "this chapter" throughout Part I. In Part II a number of miscellaneous acts relating to drainage districts have been codified; throughout Part II interval translations of the term "this act" have been made where they occur.
Special district creation and operation: Chapter 85.38 RCW.