Chapter 81.104 RCW



HTMLPDF 81.104.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 81.104.015Definitions.
HTMLPDF 81.104.020State policy roles.
HTMLPDF 81.104.030Policy development outside central Puget SoundVoter approval.
HTMLPDF 81.104.040Policy development in central Puget SoundVoter approval.
HTMLPDF 81.104.050Expansion of service.
HTMLPDF 81.104.060State role in planning and implementation.
HTMLPDF 81.104.070Responsibility for system implementation.
HTMLPDF 81.104.080Regional transportation planning.
HTMLPDF 81.104.090Department of transportation responsibilitiesFunding of planning projects.
HTMLPDF 81.104.100Planning process.
HTMLPDF 81.104.110Independent system plan oversight.
HTMLPDF 81.104.115Rail fixed guideway public transportation systemState safety oversight agencySafety program plan and security and emergency preparedness planPenalties, sanctionsRulesAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 81.104.120Commuter rail serviceVoter approval.
HTMLPDF 81.104.130Financial responsibility.
HTMLPDF 81.104.140Dedicated funding sources.
HTMLPDF 81.104.150Employer tax.
HTMLPDF 81.104.160Motor vehicle excise tax for regional transit authoritiesSales and use tax on car rentalsFormer motor vehicle excise tax repealed.
HTMLPDF 81.104.170Sales and use taxMaximum rates.
HTMLPDF 81.104.175Property tax levy for regional transit authorities.
HTMLPDF 81.104.180Pledge of revenues for bond retirement.
HTMLPDF 81.104.190Contract for collection of taxes.
HTMLPDF 81.104.200High capacity transportation corridor areas.
HTMLPDF 81.104.210High capacity transportation corridor areasIssuance of bonds.
HTMLPDF 81.104.220Enhanced service zonesBoard of a regional transit authority may establishBallot propositionVoter-approved local option funding sourcesFixed rail guideway components.
HTMLPDF 81.104.230Enhanced service zonesSubmission of authorizing propositionImposition of taxProceeds.
HTMLPDF 81.104.240Green electrolytic hydrogen and renewable hydrogenPower to produce, distribute, and use.