Chapter 80.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 80.28.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 80.28.010Duties as to rates, services, and facilitiesLimitations on termination of utility service for residential heating and of electric or water utility service during heat-related alerts.
HTMLPDF 80.28.020Commission to fix just, reasonable, and compensatory rates.
HTMLPDF 80.28.022Water company ratesReserve account.
HTMLPDF 80.28.024Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 80.28.025Encouragement of energy cogeneration, conservation, and production from renewable resourcesConsideration of water conservation goals.
HTMLPDF 80.28.030Commission may order improved quality of commodityOrdering improvements to the storage, distribution, or supply of waterOrdering improvements to the system of sewerage.
HTMLPDF 80.28.040Commission may order improved serviceWater companies, system of sewerage noncompliance, receivership.
HTMLPDF 80.28.050Tariff schedules to be filed with commissionPublic schedules.
HTMLPDF 80.28.060Tariff changesStatutory noticeExceptionWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
HTMLPDF 80.28.065Tariff scheduleEnergy conservationPayment by successive property ownersNoticeRules.
HTMLPDF 80.28.068RatesLow-income customers.
HTMLPDF 80.28.070Sliding scale of charges permitted.
HTMLPDF 80.28.074Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 80.28.075Banded ratesNatural gas and electric services.
HTMLPDF 80.28.080Published rates to be chargedExceptions.
HTMLPDF 80.28.090Unreasonable preference prohibited.
HTMLPDF 80.28.100Rate discrimination prohibitedException.
HTMLPDF 80.28.110Service to be furnished on reasonable notice.
HTMLPDF 80.28.120Effect on existing contracts.
HTMLPDF 80.28.130Repairs, improvements, changes, additions, or extensions may be directed.
HTMLPDF 80.28.140Inspection of gas and water meters.
HTMLPDF 80.28.150Inspection of electric meters.
HTMLPDF 80.28.160Testing apparatus to be furnished.
HTMLPDF 80.28.170Testing at consumer's request.
HTMLPDF 80.28.180Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 80.28.185Water companies or wastewater companies within countiesCommission may regulate.
HTMLPDF 80.28.190Gas companiesCertificateViolationsCommission powersPenaltyFees.
HTMLPDF 80.28.200Gas companiesRefunds of charges.
HTMLPDF 80.28.220Gas companiesRight of eminent domainPurposes.
HTMLPDF 80.28.230Gas companiesUse for purpose acquired exclusiveDisposition of property.
HTMLPDF 80.28.240Recovery of damages by utility company for tampering, unauthorized connections, diversion of services.
HTMLPDF 80.28.250Water companiesFire hydrants.
HTMLPDF 80.28.260Adoption of policies to provide financial incentives for energy efficiency programs.
HTMLPDF 80.28.270Water or wastewater companiesExtension, installation, or connection charges.
HTMLPDF 80.28.275Water or wastewater companiesAssumption of substandard water system or system of sewerageLimited immunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 80.28.280Compressed natural gasMotor vehicle refueling stationsPublic interest.
HTMLPDF 80.28.290Compressed natural gasRefueling stationsIdentify barriers.
HTMLPDF 80.28.300Gas, electrical companies encouraged to provide customers with landscaping information and to request voluntary donations for urban forestry.
HTMLPDF 80.28.303Conservation service tariffContents of filingRate baseDuties of commission.
HTMLPDF 80.28.306Conservation bondsConservation investment assets as collateralPriority of security interestsTransfers.
HTMLPDF 80.28.309Costs as bondable conservation investment.
HTMLPDF 80.28.310Tariff for irrigation pumping serviceAuthority for electrical companies to buy back electricity.
HTMLPDF 80.28.320Regulation of battery charging facilities.
HTMLPDF 80.28.330Certificate of public convenience and necessityBond or equivalent suretyRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 80.28.340Determination that a wastewater company is unfit to provide wastewater service on a system of sewerageCommission may order transferPower of eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 80.28.350Petition to place a wastewater company in receivershipPower of eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 80.28.360Electric vehicle supply equipmentCapital expendituresIncentive rate of return on investment.
HTMLPDF 80.28.365Electric vehicle supply equipment, programs, or servicesElectrification of transportation planReviewIssuance of acknowledgment.
HTMLPDF 80.28.370Community solar companiesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 80.28.375Community solar companiesRequirements to engage in businessRegistration.
HTMLPDF 80.28.380Gas companiesConservation targets.
HTMLPDF 80.28.385Renewable natural gas program.
HTMLPDF 80.28.390TariffVoluntary renewable natural gas service.
HTMLPDF 80.28.395Natural gasCost of greenhouse gas emissionsCalculation.
HTMLPDF 80.28.400CommissionMonitoring greenhouse gas emissionsReport.
HTMLPDF 80.28.405Clean energy action planGreenhouse gas emissionsCalculation of cost.
HTMLPDF 80.28.410Clean energy action planAccount for and defer costs.
HTMLPDF 80.28.420Gas company recovery of costs associated with replacing certain pipeline facilitiesInformation to be submitted to the commissionDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 80.28.425Multiyear rate plan.
HTMLPDF 80.28.430Authority to enter into agreements with certain organizationsAgreement to govern manner in which financial assistance is provided to an organizationRequirements.
HTMLPDF 80.28.435Replacement of natural gas with hydrogenNotice to commissionTariff approval.
HTMLPDF 80.28.440Wildfire mitigation planReview/revision.
HTMLPDF 80.28.450Thermal energy networks.
HTMLPDF 80.28.460Thermal energy network pilot project program.
HTMLPDF 80.28.470Thermal energy network pilot projectRequest for proposals.
HTMLPDF 80.28.480Merger of gas and thermal energy rate bases.
HTMLPDF 80.28.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Construction projects in state waters: Chapter 77.55 RCW.
Franchises on state highways: Chapter 47.44 RCW.
Reduced utility rates for low-income senior citizens and other low-income citizens: RCW 74.38.070.