Chapter 80.04 RCW



80.04.015Conduct of business subject to regulationDetermination by commission.
80.04.020Procedure before commission and courts.
80.04.030Number of witnesses may be limited.
80.04.040Witness fees and mileage.
80.04.050Protection against self-incrimination.
80.04.060DepositionsService of process.
80.04.070Inspection of books, papers, and documents.
80.04.075Manner of serving papers.
80.04.080Annual reports.
80.04.090Forms of records to be prescribed.
80.04.095Protection of records containing commercial information.
80.04.100Production of out-of-state books and records.
80.04.110ComplaintsHearingsWater systems not meeting board of health standardsDrinking water standardsNonmunicipal water systems audits.
80.04.130Suspension of tariff changeMandatory measured telecommunications serviceWashington telephone assistance program serviceEffect of abandonment of electrical generation facility on which tax exemption for pollution control equipment is claimedWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
80.04.140Order requiring joint action.
80.04.150Remunerative rates cannot be changed without approval.
80.04.160Rules and regulations.
80.04.170Review of orders.
80.04.180SupersedeasWater companies seeking supersedeas.
80.04.190Appellate review.
80.04.200Rehearing before commission.
80.04.210Commission may change orders.
80.04.240Action in court on reparations and overcharges.
80.04.250Valuation of public service propertyAuthority of commission.
80.04.260Summary proceedings.
80.04.270Merchandise accounts to be kept separate.
80.04.280Purchase and sale of stock by employees.
80.04.290Sales of stock to employees and customers.
80.04.300Budgets to be filed by companiesSupplementary budgets.
80.04.310Commission's control over expenditures.
80.04.320Budget rules.
80.04.330Effect of unauthorized expenditureEmergencies.
80.04.350Depreciation and retirement accounts.
80.04.360Earnings in excess of reasonable rateConsideration in fixing rates.
80.04.380PenaltiesViolations by public service companies.
80.04.385PenaltiesViolations by officers, agents, and employees of public service companies.
80.04.387PenaltiesViolations by other corporations.
80.04.390PenaltiesViolations by persons.
80.04.400Actions to recover penaltiesDisposition of fines, penalties, and forfeitures.
80.04.405Additional penaltiesViolations by public service companies and officers, agents, and employees thereof.
80.04.410Orders and rules conclusive.
80.04.420Intervention by commission where order or rule is involved.
80.04.430Findings of commission prima facie correct.
80.04.440Companies liable for damages.
80.04.450Certified copies of orders, rules, etc.Evidentiary effect.
80.04.460Investigation of accidents.
80.04.470Commission to enforce public service lawsEmployees as peace officers.
80.04.480Rights of action not releasedPenalties cumulative.
80.04.500Application to municipal utilities.
80.04.510Duties of attorney general.
80.04.520Approval of lease of utility facilities.
80.04.530Local exchange company that serves less than two percent of state's access linesRegulatory exemptionsReporting requirements.
80.04.550Thermal energyRestrictions on authority of commission.
80.04.570Power purchase agreement for acquisition of coal transition power.
80.04.580Regulatory fee on wastewater companies regulated by the commissionRule-making authority.