Chapter 77.70 RCW



77.70.010License renewed subject to RCW 77.65.080.
77.70.020No harvest opportunity during yearLicense requirements waivedEffect on license limitation programs.
77.70.040Administrative review of department's decisionHearingProcedures.
77.70.050Salmon charter boatsLimitation on issuance of licensesRenewalTransfer.
77.70.060Salmon charter boatsAngler permit, when required.
77.70.070Salmon charter boatsAngler permitNumber of anglers.
77.70.080Salmon charter boatsAngler permitTotal number of anglers limitedPermit transferFees.
77.70.090Commercial salmon fishing licenses and delivery licensesLimitationsTransfer.
77.70.100Commercial salmon fishery license or salmon delivery licenseReversion to department following government confiscation of vessel.
77.70.110Dungeness crab-Puget Sound fishery licenseLimitationsQualifications.
77.70.120Herring fishery licenseLimitations on issuance.
77.70.130Whiting-Puget Sound fishery licenseLimitation on issuance.
77.70.140Whiting-Puget Sound fishery licenseTransferable to family members.
77.70.150Sea urchin dive fishery licenseLimitation on issuanceTransfer of licenseIssuance of new licenses.
77.70.160Emerging commercial fishery designationExperimental fishery permits.
77.70.170Emerging commercial fishery designationLegislative review.
77.70.180Emerging commercial fisheryLicense statusRecommendations to legislatureInformation included in report.
77.70.190Sea cucumber dive fishery licenseLimitation on issuanceTransfer of licenseFeeIssuance of new licenses.
77.70.200Herring spawn on kelp fishery licensesNumber limited.
77.70.210Herring spawn on kelp fishery licenseAuction.
77.70.220Geoduck fishery licenseFeesConditions and limitationsOSHA regulationsViolationsVessel identification number/fee.
77.70.230Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseRequirements and criteriaContinuous participation.
77.70.240Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseRequirements and criteriaHistorical participation.
77.70.250Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseLicense transferLicense suspension.
77.70.260Ocean pink shrimpSingle delivery licenseFees.
77.70.280Crab fisheryLicense requiredDungeness crab-coastal fishery licenseCoastal crab and replacement vessel definedFederal fleet reduction program.
77.70.290Crab taken in offshore watersCriteria for landing in Washington stateLimitations.
77.70.300Crab taken in offshore watersDungeness crab offshore delivery licenseFee.
77.70.310Transfer of Dungeness crab-coastal fishery licensesFee.
77.70.320Coastal crab accountCreatedRevenuesExpenditures.
77.70.330Coastal crab account expendituresManagement of coastal crab resource.
77.70.340Criteria for nonresident Dungeness crab-coastal fishery license for Oregon residentsSection effective contingent upon reciprocal statutory authority in Oregon.
77.70.350Restrictions on vessel designations and substitutions on Dungeness crab-coastal fishery licenses.
77.70.360Dungeness crab-coastal fishery licensesLimitation on new licensesRequirements for renewal.
77.70.370Limitation on taking crab in the exclusive economic zone of Oregon or CaliforniaSection effective contingent upon reciprocal legislation by both Oregon and California.
77.70.390Reduction of landing requirements under RCW 77.70.280Procedure.
77.70.400Coastal Dungeness crab resource plan.
77.70.410Shrimp pot-Puget Sound fisheryLimited entry fisheryLicense analogous to personal propertyTransferabilityAlternate operator designation.
77.70.420Shrimp trawl-Puget Sound fisheryLimited entry fisheryLicense analogous to personal propertyTransferabilityAlternate operator.
77.70.430Puget Sound crab pot buoy tag programFeeCoastal crab pot buoy tag programFeeReview.
77.70.440Puget Sound crab pot buoy tag account.
77.70.442Washington coastal crab pot buoy tag account.
77.70.450Commercial fisheries buyback account.
77.70.460Collection of feeFee scheduleDeposit of moneys.
77.70.470Ban on assessing fee under RCW 77.70.460.
77.70.480Pacific sardinesPurse seine fishery license or temporary annual fishery permit required.
77.70.490Pacific sardine purse seine fishery licenseFeesTemporary annual fishery permitFeesAdoption of rules regarding bycatch.
77.70.500Crab pot removal permitShellfish pot removal permitRulesPenalty.
77.70.510Washington-coastal spot shrimp pot fishery license.