Chapter 77.55 RCW



77.55.031Driving across established ford.
77.55.041Derelict fishing, crab, and other shellfish gearRemoval.
77.55.051Spartina/purple loosestrifeRemoval or control.
77.55.061Hazardous substance remedial actionsProcedural requirements not applicable.
77.55.081Removal or control of aquatic noxious weedsRulesPamphlet.
77.55.091Small scale prospecting and miningRules.
77.55.101Environmental excellence program agreementsEffect on chapter.
77.55.111Habitat incentives agreement.
77.55.121Habitat incentives programGoalRequirements of agreementApplication evaluation factors.
77.55.131Dike vegetation management guidelinesMemorandum of agreement.
77.55.151Permit issued to a marina or marine terminal for regular maintenance activities.
77.55.161Stormwater discharges.
77.55.171Watershed restoration projectsPermit processing.
77.55.181Fish habitat enhancement projectPermit review and approval processFeesLimitation of liability.
77.55.191Columbia river anadromous fish sanctuaryRestrictions.
77.55.201Landscape management plan.
77.55.211Informational brochure.
77.55.221Flood damage repair and reduction activitiesFive-year maintenance permit agreements.
77.55.231Conditions imposed upon a permitReasonably related to projectLeast impactful modificationsMinor modifications to plans/work timing.
77.55.241Off-site mitigation.
77.55.251Mitigation plan review.
77.55.261Placement of woody debris as condition of permit.
77.55.271Sediment dredging or capping actionsDredging of existing channels and berthing areasMitigation not required.
77.55.281Fishways on certain agricultural drainage facilities.
77.55.331Hydraulic project approval account.
77.55.341Department to prepare and distribute information to the public.
77.55.351Department to develop system to provide access to hydraulic project approval applications.
77.55.361Limitations of chapter to a forest practices hydraulic projectAdoption of rules for concurrent review processDepartment's duties regarding chapter 76.09 RCW.
77.55.371Memorandum of agreement to implement integration of hydraulic project approvals into forest practices applicationsInteragency contract.
77.55.400Determination as to whether construction is a hydraulic projectPreapplication determinationReview and comment periodWritten determination.
77.55.410Violation of chapter.
77.55.420Stop work orderNoticeAppeal.
77.55.430Notice to complyNoticeAppeal.
77.55.440PenaltiesNoticeAppealAuthority of attorney general to recover penaltyPenalty schedule.
77.55.450Administrative inspection warrant.
77.55.460Disapproval of an applicationNoticeReview.
77.55.470Remedies under chapter not exclusive.
77.55.480Habitat recovery pilot program.