These documents are currently being revised to incorporate the changes made during the 2024 Legislative Session. Please consult the Sections Affected Table for changes made during the 2024 Legislative Session.

Title 76 RCW

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76.04Forest protection.
76.06Forest insect and disease control.
76.09Forest practices.
76.10Surface mining.
76.13Stewardship of nonindustrial forests and woodlands.
76.14Forest rehabilitation.
76.15Urban forest management.
76.36Marks and brands.
76.42Wood debrisRemoval from navigable waters.
76.44Institute of forest resources.
76.48Specialized forest products.
76.52Cooperative forest management services act.
76.56Center for international trade in forest products.


Access roads to public and state forestlands: Chapter 79.38 RCW.
County timber: Chapter 36.34 RCW.
Easements over public lands: Chapter 79.36 RCW.
Exchange of state lands to facilitate marketing of forest products or to consolidate state lands: RCW 79.17.010.
Excise tax on conveyance of standing timber: Chapter 82.45 RCW.
Forest management, major line at state universities: RCW 28B.10.115, 28B.20.060.
Forest roads, county: RCW 36.82.140.
Infractions: Chapter 7.84 RCW.
Lien for labor and services on timber and lumber: Chapter 60.24 RCW.
Limitation on liability of forestland owner for injuries to recreation users: RCW 4.24.210.
Logging railroads: Title 81 RCW.
Logging trucks, special permits for use of roads and highways: RCW 46.44.047.
Logs on county highways and bridges: RCW 36.86.090.
Measurement of timber and wood products, fraud, penalty: RCW 9.45.122 through 9.45.126.
Motor vehicle size, weight and load: Chapter 46.44 RCW.
National forests, jurisdiction: Chapter 37.08 RCW.
Pest control compact: Chapter 17.34 RCW.
Reservation of timber on sale of county tax-title lands: RCW 36.35.120.
Safety supervisor: RCW 43.22.040.
Sustained yield plan and cooperative agreements: Chapter 79.10 RCW.
Taxation and/or assessment of lands lying both within fire protection district and forest protection assessment area: RCW 52.16.170.
Transportation of forest products, applicability of public utility tax: RCW 82.16.020.
University demonstration forest and experiment station: RCW 79.17.030.