Chapter 74.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 74.12.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.12.030Eligibility.
HTMLPDF 74.12.035Additional eligibility requirementsStudentsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 74.12.240Services provided to help attain maximum self-support and independence of parents and relatives.
HTMLPDF 74.12.250Payment of grant to anotherLimited guardianship.
HTMLPDF 74.12.255Teen applicants' living situationCriteriaPresumptionProtective payeeAdoption referral.
HTMLPDF 74.12.260Persons to whom grants shall be madeProof of use for benefit of children.
HTMLPDF 74.12.280Rules for coordination of services.
HTMLPDF 74.12.290Suitability of homeEvaluation.
HTMLPDF 74.12.300Grant during period required to eliminate undesirable conditions.
HTMLPDF 74.12.310Placement of child with other relatives.
HTMLPDF 74.12.320Placement of child pursuant to chapter 13.04 RCW.
HTMLPDF 74.12.330Assistance not to be denied for want of relative or court order.
HTMLPDF 74.12.340Day care.
HTMLPDF 74.12.350Child's income set aside for future needsIrrevocable trustsEducational accounts.
HTMLPDF 74.12.361Supplemental security income programEnrollment of disabled persons.
HTMLPDF 74.12.400Reduce reliance on aidWork and job trainingFamily planningStaff training.
HTMLPDF 74.12.410Family planning informationCooperation with the superintendent of public instruction.
HTMLPDF 74.12.450Application for assistanceReport on suspected child abuse or neglectNotice to parent about application, location of child, and family reconciliation act.
HTMLPDF 74.12.460Notice to parentRequired within seven days of approval of application.
HTMLPDF 74.12.470Monthly diaper subsidyRulesOutreach.
HTMLPDF 74.12.900Welfare reform implementation1994 c 299.


Agencies for care of children, expectant mothers, individuals with developmental disabilities: Chapter 74.15 RCW.
Children and youth services: Chapter 72.05 RCW.
Enforcement of support of dependent children: Chapters 74.20 and 74.20A RCW.
Sale or gift of tobacco to minor is gross misdemeanor: RCW 26.28.080.
State schools for blind and deaf: Chapter 72.40 RCW.