Title 74 RCW

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74.04General provisionsAdministration.
74.08Eligibility generallyStandards of assistance.
74.08AWashington WorkFirst temporary assistance for needy families.
74.09Medical care.
74.09AMedical assistanceCoordination of benefitsInformation transfer.
74.12Temporary assistance for needy families.
74.12AIncentive to workEconomic independence.
74.13Child welfare services.
74.13AAdoption support.
74.13BChild welfare systemContracting for services.
74.14AChildren and family services.
74.14BChildren's services.
74.14CFamily preservation services.
74.15Care of children, expectant mothers, persons with developmental disabilities.
74.18Department of services for the blind.
74.20Support of dependent children.
74.20ASupport of dependent childrenAlternative method1971 act.
74.25Job opportunities and basic skills training program.
74.25AEmployment partnership program.
74.26Services for children with multiple handicaps.
74.29Rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities.
74.31Traumatic brain injuries.
74.34Abuse of vulnerable adults.
74.36Funding for community programs for the aging.
74.38Senior citizens services act.
74.39Long-term care service options.
74.39ALong-term care services optionsExpansion.
74.41Respite care services.
74.42Nursing homesResident care, operating standards.
74.46Nursing facility medicaid payment system.
74.48Skilled nursing facility safety net assessments.
74.55Children's system of care.
74.60Hospital safety net assessment.
74.62Aged, blind, or disabled assistance programPregnant women assistance programEssential needs and housing support program.
74.64Medical services programWaste, fraud, abuse detection, prevention, and recovery solutions.
74.66Medicaid fraud false claims act.
74.67Medicaid fraud control unit.
74.70Ambulance transport fund.
74.74Immigrant assistance.


Assistance and relief by counties: Chapter 36.39 RCW.
Assistance for parolees, work release, and discharged prisoners: RCW 9.95.310 through 9.95.370.
Child abuse or neglect, reports by practitioners of healing arts: Chapter 26.44 RCW.
Jurisdiction over Indians as to public assistance: Chapter 37.12 RCW.
Low-income patients, malpractice insurance for retired physicians providing health care services: RCW 43.70.460.
Missing children clearinghouse and hotline: Chapter 13.60 RCW.