Chapter 72.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 72.20.001Definitions.
HTMLPDF 72.20.010School established.
HTMLPDF 72.20.020ManagementSuperintendent.
HTMLPDF 72.20.040Duties of superintendent.
HTMLPDF 72.20.050Parole or dischargeBehavior credits.
HTMLPDF 72.20.060Conditional paroleApprehension on escape or violation of parole.
HTMLPDF 72.20.065IntrusionEnticement away of girlsInterferencePenalty.
HTMLPDF 72.20.070Eligibility restricted.
HTMLPDF 72.20.090Hiring outApprenticeshipsCompensation.


Basic juvenile court act: Chapter 13.04 RCW.
Commitment: Chapter 13.04 RCW.
Disposition of property of deceased inmate of state institution: RCW 11.08.101, 11.08.111, 11.08.120.
Disturbances at state penal facilities
development of contingency plansScopeLocal participation: RCW 72.02.150.
reimbursement to cities and counties for certain expenses incurred: RCW 72.72.050, 72.72.060.
utilization of outside law enforcement personnelScope: RCW 72.02.160.
Educational programs for residential school residents: RCW 28A.190.030 through 28A.190.060.
Fugitives of this state: Chapter 10.34 RCW.
Placement of person convicted as an adult for a felony offense committed under the age of eighteen: RCW 72.01.410.


As used in this chapter:
"Department" means the department of social and health services; and
"Secretary" means the secretary of social and health services.


Effective date1981 c 136: See RCW 72.09.900.

School established.

There is established at Grand Mound, Thurston county, an institution which shall be known as the Maple Lane school.


The government, control and business management of such school shall be vested in the secretary. The secretary shall, with the approval of the governor, appoint a suitable superintendent of said school, and shall designate the number of subordinate officers and employees to be employed, and fix their respective salaries, and have power, with the like approval, to make and enforce all such rules and regulations for the administration, government and discipline of the school as the secretary may deem just and proper, not inconsistent with this chapter.


Appointment of chief executive officers and subordinate employees, general provisions: RCW 72.01.060.

Duties of superintendent.

The superintendent, subject to the direction and approval of the secretary shall:
(1) Have general supervision and control of the grounds and buildings of the institution, the subordinate officers and employees, and the inmates thereof, and all matters relating to their government and discipline;
(2) Make such rules, regulations, and orders, not inconsistent with law or with the rules, regulations, or directions of the secretary, as may seem to him or her proper or necessary for the government of such institution and for the employment, discipline, and education of the inmates, except for the program of education provided pursuant to RCW 28A.190.030 through 28A.190.050 which shall be governed by the school district conducting the program;
(3) Exercise such other powers, and perform such other duties as the secretary may prescribe.


PurposeStatutory referencesSeverability1990 c 33: See RCW 28A.900.100 through 28A.900.102.
Effective date1979 ex.s. c 217: See note following RCW 28A.190.030.

Parole or dischargeBehavior credits.

The department, acting with the superintendent, shall, under a system of marks, or otherwise, fix upon a uniform plan by which girls may be paroled or discharged from the school, which system shall be subject to revision from time to time. Each girl shall be credited for personal demeanor, diligence in labor or study and for the results accomplished, and charged for derelictions, negligence or offense. The standing of each girl shall be made known to her as often as once a month.
[ 1959 c 28 § 72.20.050. Prior: 1913 c 157 § 8; RRS § 4638.]

Conditional paroleApprehension on escape or violation of parole.

Every girl shall be entitled to a trial on parole before reaching the age of twenty years, such parole to continue for at least one year unless violated. The superintendent and resident physician, with the approval of the secretary, shall determine whether such parole has been violated. Any girl committed to the school who shall escape therefrom, or who shall violate a parole, may be apprehended and returned to the school by any officer or citizen on written order or request of the superintendent.
[ 1979 c 141 § 230; 1959 c 28 § 72.20.060. Prior: 1913 c 157 § 9, part; RRS § 4639, part.]

IntrusionEnticement away of girlsInterferencePenalty.

Any person who shall go upon the school grounds except on lawful business, or by consent of the superintendent, or who shall entice any girl away from the school, or who shall in any way interfere with its management or discipline, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
[ 1959 c 28 § 72.20.065. Prior: 1913 c 157 § 9, part; RRS § 4639, part.]

Eligibility restricted.

No girl shall be received in the Maple Lane school who is not of sound mind, or who is subject to epileptic or other fits, or is not possessed of that degree of bodily health which should render her a fit subject for the discipline of the school. It shall be the duty of the court committing her to cause such girl to be examined by a reputable physician to be appointed by the court, who will certify to the above facts, which certificate shall be forwarded to the school with the commitment. Any girl who may have been committed to the school, not complying with the above requirements, may be returned by the superintendent to the court making the commitment, or to the officer or institution last having her in charge. The department shall arrange for the transportation of all girls to and from the school.
[ 1959 c 28 § 72.20.070. Prior: 1913 c 157 § 10; RRS § 4640.]

Hiring outApprenticeshipsCompensation.

The superintendent shall have power to place any girl under the age of eighteen years at any employment for account of the institution or the girl employed, and receive and hold the whole or any part of her wages for the benefit of the girl less the amount necessary for her board and keep, and may also, with the consent of any girl over fourteen years of age, and the approval of the secretary endorsed thereon, execute indentures of apprenticeship, which shall be binding on all parties thereto. In case any girl so apprenticed shall prove untrustworthy or unsatisfactory, the superintendent may permit her to be returned to the school, and the indenture may thereupon be canceled. If such girl shall have an unsuitable employer, the superintendent may, with the approval of the secretary, take her back to the school, and cancel the indenture of apprenticeship. All indentures so made shall be filed and kept in the school. A system may also be established, providing for compensation to girls for services rendered, and payments may be made from time to time, not to exceed in the aggregate to any one girl the sum of twenty-five dollars for each year of service.