Chapter 71.09 RCW



HTMLPDF 71.09.010Findings.
HTMLPDF 71.09.015FindingIntentClarification.
HTMLPDF 71.09.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 71.09.025Notice to prosecuting attorney prior to release.
HTMLPDF 71.09.030Sexually violent predator petitionFiling.
HTMLPDF 71.09.040Sexually violent predator petitionProbable cause hearingJudicial determinationTransfer to total confinement facility upon probable cause determination.
HTMLPDF 71.09.045Indigent defense servicesActivities beyond the scope of representation by the office of public defense.
HTMLPDF 71.09.050TrialRights of parties.
HTMLPDF 71.09.055Expert evaluations of indigent personsCosts.
HTMLPDF 71.09.060TrialDeterminationCommitment procedures.
HTMLPDF 71.09.070Annual examinations of persons committed under chapterSuspension of section.
HTMLPDF 71.09.080Rights of persons committed under this chapterUse of personal computers regulated.
HTMLPDF 71.09.085Medical careContracts for servicesAuthorization to act on behalf of civilly committed residents.
HTMLPDF 71.09.090Petition for conditional release to less restrictive alternative or unconditional dischargeProceduresSuspension of section.
HTMLPDF 71.09.092Conditional release to less restrictive alternativeFindings.
HTMLPDF 71.09.094Conditional release to less restrictive alternativeVerdict.
HTMLPDF 71.09.096Conditional release to less restrictive alternativeJudgmentConditionsAnnual review.
HTMLPDF 71.09.097Conditional release to less restrictive alternativeDepartment developing placementConsiderations.
HTMLPDF 71.09.098Revoking or modifying terms of conditional release to less restrictive alternativeHearingCustody pending hearing on revocation or modification.
HTMLPDF 71.09.099Conditional release to less restrictive alternativeConditional release and transition facilities study.
HTMLPDF 71.09.110Department of social and health servicesDutiesReimbursement.
HTMLPDF 71.09.111Department of social and health servicesDisclosures to the prosecuting agency.
HTMLPDF 71.09.112Department of social and health servicesJurisdiction and revocation of conditional release after criminal convictionException.
HTMLPDF 71.09.115Record check required for employees of secure facility.
HTMLPDF 71.09.120Release of information authorized.
HTMLPDF 71.09.130Notice of escape or disappearanceWarrantsLiability.
HTMLPDF 71.09.135McNeil IslandEscape planning, response.
HTMLPDF 71.09.140Notice of conditional release or unconditional dischargeNotice of escape and recapture.
HTMLPDF 71.09.200Escorted leaveDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 71.09.210Escorted leaveConditions.
HTMLPDF 71.09.220Escorted leaveNotice.
HTMLPDF 71.09.230Escorted leaveRules.
HTMLPDF 71.09.250Transition facilitySiting.
HTMLPDF 71.09.252Transition facilitiesAgreements for regional facilities.
HTMLPDF 71.09.255Transition facilitiesIncentive grants and payments.
HTMLPDF 71.09.260Transition facilities not limited to residential neighborhoods.
HTMLPDF 71.09.265Transition facilitiesDistribution of impact.
HTMLPDF 71.09.275Transition facilityTransportation of residents.
HTMLPDF 71.09.280Transition facilityRelease to less restrictive placement.
HTMLPDF 71.09.285Transition facilitySiting policy guidelines.
HTMLPDF 71.09.290Other transition facilitiesSiting policy guidelines.
HTMLPDF 71.09.295Transition facilitiesSecurity systems.
HTMLPDF 71.09.300Transition facilitiesStaffing.
HTMLPDF 71.09.305Transition facility residentsMonitoring, escorting.
HTMLPDF 71.09.310Transition facility residentsMandatory escorts.
HTMLPDF 71.09.315Transition facilitiesPublic notice, review, and comment.
HTMLPDF 71.09.320Transition facilitiesOperational advisory boards.
HTMLPDF 71.09.325Transition facilitiesConditional releaseReportsViolations.
HTMLPDF 71.09.330Transition facilitiesContracted operationEnforcement remedies.
HTMLPDF 71.09.335Conditional release from total confinementCommunity notification.
HTMLPDF 71.09.340Conditionally released personsEmployment, educational notification.
HTMLPDF 71.09.341Transition facilitiesAuthority of departmentEffect of local regulations.
HTMLPDF 71.09.342Transition facilitiesSitingLocal regulations preempted, whenConsideration of public safety measures.
HTMLPDF 71.09.343Transition facilitiesContract between state and local governments.
HTMLPDF 71.09.344Transition facilitiesMitigation agreements.
HTMLPDF 71.09.345Alternative placementAuthority of court.
HTMLPDF 71.09.350Examination and treatment only by certified providersExceptions.
HTMLPDF 71.09.360Treatment of persons on conditional release by certified providers in underserved countiesNotification.
HTMLPDF 71.09.370Residents in total confinementState identification cards.
HTMLPDF 71.09.800Rules.
HTMLPDF 71.09.903ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.