Chapter 70.37 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.37.010Declaration of public policiesPurpose.
HTMLPDF 70.37.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.37.030Washington health care facilities authority establishedMembersChairTermsQuorumVacanciesCompensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 70.37.040Washington health care facilities authorityPowersSpecial fund bondsRevenue bonds.
HTMLPDF 70.37.050Requests for financingFinancing planBond issue, special fund authorized.
HTMLPDF 70.37.060Bond issuesTermsPaymentLegal investment, etc.
HTMLPDF 70.37.070Bond issuesSpecial trust fundPaymentsStatusAdministration of fund.
HTMLPDF 70.37.080Bond issuesDisposition of proceedsSpecial fund.
HTMLPDF 70.37.090Payment of authority for expenses incurred in investigating and financing projects.
HTMLPDF 70.37.100Powers of authority.
HTMLPDF 70.37.110Advancements and contributions by political subdivisions.