Chapter 70.190 RCW



70.190.030Proposals to facilitate services at the community level.
70.190.050Community networksOutcome evaluation.
70.190.060Community networksLegislative intentMembershipOpen meetings.
70.190.065Member's authorization of expendituresLimitation.
70.190.070Community networksDuties.
70.190.075Lead fiscal agent.
70.190.080Community networksPrograms and plans.
70.190.085Community networksSexual abstinence and activity campaign.
70.190.090Community networksPlanning grants and contractsDistribution of fundsReports.
70.190.160Community networksImplementation in federal and state plans.
70.190.170Transfer of funds and programs to state agency.
70.190.180Community networkGrants for use of school facilities.
70.190.190Network members immune from civil liabilityNetwork assets not subject to attachment or execution.
70.190.930ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.