Title 60 RCW

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60.04Mechanics' and materialmen's liens.
60.08Chattel liens.
60.10Personal property liensSummary foreclosure.
60.11Crop liens.
60.13Processor and preparer liens for agricultural products.
60.16Labor liens on orchards and orchard lands.
60.24Lien for labor and services on timber and lumber.
60.28Lien for labor, materials, taxes on public works.
60.30Private construction projects.
60.32Labor liens on franchises, earnings, and property of certain companies.
60.34Lien of restaurant, hotel, tavern, etc., employees.
60.36Lien on vessels and equipment.
60.40Lien for attorney's fees.
60.42Commercial real estate broker lien act.
60.44Lien of doctors, nurses, hospitals, ambulance services.
60.45Lien of department of social and health services for medical care furnished injured recipient.
60.52Lien for services of sires.
60.56Agister and trainer liens.
60.60Lien for transportation, storage, advancements, etc.
60.64Lien of hotels, lodging and boarding houses1915 act.
60.66Lien of hotels, lodging and boarding houses1890 act.
60.68Uniform federal lien registration act.
60.70Limitations on nonconsensual common law liens.
60.72Landlord's lien for rent.
60.76Lien of employees for contributions to benefit plans.
60.80Lien for unrecorded utility charges.
60.84Lien on dies, molds, forms, and patterns.
60.90Washington wage recovery act.


Assignment of accounts receivable, priority as to liens: Article 62A.9A RCW.
Conditional sales contracts, priorities as to liens: Article 62A.9A RCW.
Employee benefit plans: Chapter 49.64 RCW.
Frauds and swindlesEncumbered, leased or rented personal property: RCW 9.45.060.
Labor claims paramount to claims by state agencies: RCW 49.56.040.
dairy products commission, lien for assessments: RCW 15.44.090.
disinfecting and destroying products, lien for, foreclosure: RCW 15.08.090 through 15.08.160.
cities and towns
cities of first class, cost of filling cesspools, etc., lien for: RCW 35.22.320.
elevated roadways, tunnels, etc., assessment liens: RCW 35.85.030.
local improvement liens, validity, enforcement, priority, etc.: Chapter 35.50 RCW, RCW 35.49.130 through 35.49.160, 35.55.090, 35.56.100.
sanitary fills, lien for expense of: RCW 35.73.050.
sewerage system liens: RCW 35.67.200 through 35.67.290.
sidewalk lien: RCW 35.68.070, 35.69.030, 35.70.090.
solid waste or recyclable materials collection, lien for: RCW 35.21.130 through 35.21.150, 35.22.320.
utility services, lien for: RCW 35.21.290, 35.21.300.
counties, tax liens, priority, foreclosure, etc.: RCW 35.49.130 through 35.49.160.
dead body, holding for lien, penalty: RCW 68.50.120.
diking, drainage, and sewerage improvement districts, assessment lien: RCW 85.08.430, 85.08.490.
diking and drainage districts, intercounty, assessment lien: RCW 85.24.150.
enforcement of
holders right to redeem from execution sale: RCW 6.23.010, 6.23.080.
homestead, subject to liens: RCW 6.13.080.
state a party: RCW 4.92.010.
filing and recording of liens
duties of county auditor: Chapter 65.04 RCW.
mortgage liens: Chapter 65.08 RCW.
flood control districts, assessment lien: RCW 86.09.490, 86.09.493, 86.09.505.
forest protection: Chapter 76.04 RCW.
irrigation district bonds, lien to pay indebtedness: RCW 87.03.215, 87.28.030.
cessation of: RCW 4.64.100.
lien on real estate to satisfy: RCW 4.56.190 through 4.56.210.
real property subject to execution held jointly, judgment is a lien: RCW 6.17.170.
local improvement special assessment liens, action to foreclose: RCW 4.16.030.
metropolitan park districts, assessment liens: RCW 35.61.240.
negotiable instruments, when lienor is holder for value: Articles 62A.1, 62A.3, 62A.4 RCW.
partition suits, impleading, adjusting, of lien creditors: RCW 7.52.030, 7.52.150.
reclamation districts, assessment liens: Chapter 89.30 RCW, RCW 89.30.718.
removal or destruction of property subject to lien, penalty: RCW 9.45.060, 61.12.030.
river and harbor improvements, assessment lien: RCW 88.32.100.
road improvement districts, assessment lien: RCW 36.88.120.
seller's lien: RCW 62A.2-609, 62A.2-702(1), 62A.7-502.
property tax liens: Chapter 84.60 RCW.
real property taxes, payment by lienholder permitted: RCW 84.56.330.
tax liens, enforcement: RCW 82.32.210, 82.32.220, 82.32.240.
toll bridges, lien of bonds on revenue: RCW 47.56.240.
unemployment compensation, lien of contributions: RCW 50.24.050, 50.24.060.
water rights
artesian wells, lien for capping: RCW 90.36.040.
partnership ditches, lien for labor: RCW 90.03.450.
workers' compensation, lien for payments due: RCW 51.16.160, 51.16.170.
Real estate mortgages: Chapter 61.12 RCW.
Retail installment sales of goods and services: Chapter 63.14 RCW.
Secured transactions: Article 62A.9A RCW.
Wages and labor claims, preference of: Chapter 49.56 RCW.