Chapter 59.20 RCW



59.20.010Short title.
59.20.020Rights and remediesObligation of good faith required.
59.20.040Chapter applies to rental agreements regarding mobile home lots, cooperatives, or subdivisionsApplicability of and construction with provisions of chapters 59.12 and 59.18 RCW.
59.20.045Enforceability of rules against a tenant.
59.20.050Written rental agreement for term of one year or more requiredWaiverExceptionsApplication of section.
59.20.060Rental agreementsRequired contentsProhibited provisions.
59.20.070Prohibited acts by landlord.
59.20.073Transfer of rental agreements.
59.20.074RentLiability of secured party with right to possession.
59.20.075Presumption of reprisal or retaliatory action.
59.20.080Grounds for termination of tenancy or occupancy or failure to renew a tenancy or occupancyNoticeMediation.
59.20.090Term of rental agreementsRenewalNonrenewalTerminationArmed forces exceptionNotices.
59.20.095Short-term rental agreements for recreational vehicles.
59.20.110Attorney's fees and costs.
59.20.130Duties of landlord.
59.20.134Written receipts for payments made by tenant.
59.20.135Maintenance of permanent structuresFindings and declarationsDefinition.
59.20.140Duties of tenant.
59.20.145Live-in care providerNot a tenantAgreementsGuest fee.
59.20.150Service of notice on landlord or tenant.
59.20.155Seizure of illegal drugsNotification of landlord.
59.20.160Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenantWritten rental agreement to specify terms and conditions for retention by landlord.
59.20.170Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenantDeposit by landlord in trust accountReceiptClaims.
59.20.180Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenantStatement and notice of basis for retention.
59.20.190Health and sanitation standardsPenalties.
59.20.200LandlordFailure to carry out dutiesNotice from tenantTime limits for landlord's remedial action.
59.20.210LandlordFailure to carry out dutiesRepairs effected by tenantBidsNoticeDeduction of cost from rentLimitations.
59.20.220LandlordFailure to carry out dutiesJudgment by court or arbitrator for diminished rental value and repair costsEnforcement of judgmentReduction in rent.
59.20.230Defective conditionUnfeasible to remedy defectTermination of tenancy.
59.20.240Payment of rent condition to exercising remedies.
59.20.250Mediation of disputes by independent third party.
59.20.260ArbitrationAuthorizedSelection of arbitratorProcedure.
59.20.290ArbitrationCompletion of arbitration after giving notice.
59.20.300Manufactured/mobile home communitiesNotice of sale.
59.20.305Manufactured/mobile home communitiesGood faith negotiations.
59.20.310Unlawful detainer actionLimited dissemination.
59.20.901Effective date1999 c 359.
59.20.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Filing fees for unlawful detainer actions: RCW 36.18.012.
Office of mobile/manufactured home relocation assistance: Chapter 59.22 RCW.
Smoke detection devices required in dwelling units: RCW 43.44.110.