Chapter 54.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 54.16.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 54.16.010Surveys, plans, investigations, or studies.
HTMLPDF 54.16.020Acquisition of property and rightsEminent domain.
HTMLPDF 54.16.030Water and irrigation works.
HTMLPDF 54.16.032Authority to assist customers in the acquisition of water conservation equipmentLimitations.
HTMLPDF 54.16.035Provision of water service beyond district subject to review by boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 54.16.040Electric energy.
HTMLPDF 54.16.050Water rights.
HTMLPDF 54.16.060Intertie lines.
HTMLPDF 54.16.070District may borrow money, contract indebtedness, issue bonds or obligationsGuaranty fund.
HTMLPDF 54.16.080Levy and collection of taxesTax anticipation warrants.
HTMLPDF 54.16.083Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
HTMLPDF 54.16.085Interfund loans.
HTMLPDF 54.16.090Contracts with other agencies or utilitiesGifts, etc.Employees and expertsAdvancements.
HTMLPDF 54.16.092Employment interview expenses.
HTMLPDF 54.16.095Liability insurance for officials and employees.
HTMLPDF 54.16.097Actions against officer, employee, or agentDefense and costs provided by public utility districtException.
HTMLPDF 54.16.100ManagerAppointmentCompensationDuties.
HTMLPDF 54.16.110May sue and be suedClaims.
HTMLPDF 54.16.120Local utility districts authorized.
HTMLPDF 54.16.130Local districtsProcedureFinancing.
HTMLPDF 54.16.140Petition or resolution for local districtHearingNotice.
HTMLPDF 54.16.142Local utility districtsNotice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
HTMLPDF 54.16.145Local utility districtsSanitary sewer or potable water facilitiesNotice to certain property owners.
HTMLPDF 54.16.150Procedure when petition is signed by majority of landowners.
HTMLPDF 54.16.160Assessment rollHearingAppellate reviewExpenses.
HTMLPDF 54.16.165Segregation of assessments.
HTMLPDF 54.16.170Apportionment of cost of improvement.
HTMLPDF 54.16.180Sale, lease, disposition of properties, equipment, and materialsProcedureAcquisition, operation of sewage system by districts in certain counties.
HTMLPDF 54.16.190General resolutions.
HTMLPDF 54.16.200Joint exercise of powers and joint acquisition of properties.
HTMLPDF 54.16.220Columbia river hydroelectric projectsGrant back of easements to former owners.
HTMLPDF 54.16.230Sewage system worksAcquire, construct, operate, etc.Authorizing electionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 54.16.240Sewage system worksResolution or petitionVoter approval or rejection.
HTMLPDF 54.16.250Sewage system worksBallot propositionCanvass.
HTMLPDF 54.16.260Sewage system worksAccounts and funding.
HTMLPDF 54.16.270Sewage system worksExisting authority not affected.
HTMLPDF 54.16.280Energy conservation planFinancing authorized for energy conservation projects in structures or equipmentLimitations.
HTMLPDF 54.16.281Energy conservationUtility cool roof programTree planting program.
HTMLPDF 54.16.285Limitations on termination of utility service for residential heating and of electric or water utility service during heat-related alerts.
HTMLPDF 54.16.300Combined utility functions.
HTMLPDF 54.16.310Operation, maintenance, and inspection of sewage disposal facilities, septic tanks, and wastewater disposal facilities and systemsMaintenance costs.
HTMLPDF 54.16.320Assumption of substandard water systemLimited immunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 54.16.330Telecommunications facilitiesPurposesLimitationsProvision of telecommunications servicesEminent domain.
HTMLPDF 54.16.340Wholesale telecommunications servicesPetition for review of rates, terms, conditions.
HTMLPDF 54.16.350Tariff for irrigation pumping serviceAuthority to buy back electricity.
HTMLPDF 54.16.360Cooperative watershed management.
HTMLPDF 54.16.370Purchase of electric power and energy from joint operating agency.
HTMLPDF 54.16.380Appliance repair serviceOperation by district.
HTMLPDF 54.16.385Appliance repair serviceRequirements.
HTMLPDF 54.16.390Environmental mitigation activities.
HTMLPDF 54.16.400Voluntary donations for purposes of urban forestry.
HTMLPDF 54.16.405Voluntary donations for purpose of supporting hunger programs.
HTMLPDF 54.16.410Supply of water to be used in pumped storage generating facilitiesRequirementsContract, resolution.
HTMLPDF 54.16.415Retail telecommunications servicesReporting requirements.
HTMLPDF 54.16.425Retail telecommunications servicesPayment in lieu of property tax.
HTMLPDF 54.16.430Electrification of transportation planConsiderationsIncentive programs.
HTMLPDF 54.16.440Thermal energy networks.


Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Special benefit assessmentsProperty taxesExemptions: RCW 84.34.300 through 84.34.380.