Chapter 43.99N RCW



HTMLPDF 43.99N.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.020General obligation bondsCertifications by public stadium authorityObligations of team affiliate.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.030Escrow agreement, accountDistributions.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.050Payment of principal and interest from nondebt-limit reimbursable bond retirement accountTransfers of certified amountsBonds as general obligation, full faith and credit, promise to payInsufficiency in stadium and exhibition center account as obligationProceedings to require transfer and payment.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.060Stadium and exhibition center accountYouth athletic facility accountCommunity outdoor athletic facility loans and grants.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.070Sections null and void if certification not made by office of financial managementConditions.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.080Additional means for raising moneys authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.090Bonds as legal investment.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.100Total public shareState contribution limited.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.120LoansTerms and conditions of repayment and interest.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.130Bond authorization expiration.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.800Referendum only measure for taxes for stadium and exhibition centerLimiting legislation upon failure to approve1997 c 220.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.801Legislation as opportunity for voter's decisionNot indication of legislators' personal vote on referendum proposal1997 c 220.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.802ContingencyNull and voidTeam affiliate's agreement for reimbursement for election1997 c 220.
HTMLPDF 43.99N.803ReferendumSubmittalExplanatory statementVoters' pamphletVoting proceduresCanvassing and certificationReimbursement of counties for costsNo other elections on stadium and exhibition center1997 c 220.