Chapter 43.34 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.34.010Composition of committee.
HTMLPDF 43.34.015Secretary of committeeCommittee records.
HTMLPDF 43.34.040BuildingsErectionImprovements.
HTMLPDF 43.34.080Capitol campus design advisory committeeGenerally.
HTMLPDF 43.34.090Building names.
HTMLPDF 43.34.100Memorial to commemorate global war on terror.
HTMLPDF 43.34.105Washington state global war on terror memorial account.
HTMLPDF 43.34.110Eastern Washington cultural landscape feature.
HTMLPDF 43.34.115Eastern Washington cultural landscape feature account.
HTMLPDF 43.34.120Fallen firefighter memorial.
HTMLPDF 43.34.125Fallen firefighter memorial account.


Capitol building lands: Chapter 79.24 RCW.
Committee created: RCW 43.17.070.
East capitol site, powers and duties concerning: RCW 79.24.500.
Housing for state offices, duties: RCW 43.82.010.