Chapter 43.33 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.33.010Composition of committee.
HTMLPDF 43.33.022Washington public deposit protection commission, state finance committee constitutes, powers, duties and functions.
HTMLPDF 43.33.030RecordsAdministrative and clerical assistance.
HTMLPDF 43.33.040Rules and regulationsChair.
HTMLPDF 43.33.130Summary of debt management activities and debt issuances.


Acquisition of highway property in advance of programmed construction, committee duties relating to: Chapter 47.12 RCW.
Bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness, finance committee duties: Chapter 39.42 RCW.
Committee created: RCW 43.17.070.
County held United States bonds, disposal: RCW 36.33.190.
Fiscal agencies: Chapter 43.80 RCW.
Industrial insurance, investments: RCW 51.44.100.
State depositaries: Chapter 43.85 RCW.
State investment board: Chapter 43.33A RCW.