Chapter 43.190 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.190.010Findings.
HTMLPDF 43.190.020"Long-term care facility" defined.
HTMLPDF 43.190.030Office of state long-term care ombuds createdPowers and dutiesRules.
HTMLPDF 43.190.040Long-term care ombuds.
HTMLPDF 43.190.050Posting of notice by long-term care facilityDistribution of information to residents.
HTMLPDF 43.190.060Duties of ombuds.
HTMLPDF 43.190.065Local and state long-term care ombudsDuties and authority in federal older Americans act.
HTMLPDF 43.190.070Referral proceduresAction on complaints.
HTMLPDF 43.190.080Development of procedures on right of entry to facilitiesAccess to residentsPreservation of rights.
HTMLPDF 43.190.090Liability of ombudsDiscriminatory, disciplinary, or retaliatory actionsCommunications privilegedTestimony.
HTMLPDF 43.190.110Confidentiality of records and filesDisclosures prohibitedException.
HTMLPDF 43.190.120Expenditure of funds on long-term care ombuds program.