Chapter 43.185C RCW



HTMLPDF 43.185C.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.020Homeless housing program.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.030Washington homeless census or countConfidentialityOnline information and referral systemOrganizational quality management system.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.040Homeless housing strategic planProgram outcomes and performance measures and goalsCoordinationStatewide data gathering instrumentReports.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.045Homeless housing strategic planAnnual report of department and local governments.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.050Local homeless housing plans.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.060Home security fund accountPerformance metricsExpenditure review.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.070Grant applications.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.080Homeless housing grantsParticipation.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.090Allocation of grant moneysIssuance of criteria or guidelines.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.100Technical assistance.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.110Progress reportsUniform process.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.120Rules.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.130Protection of state's interest in grant program projects.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.140Public assistance eligibilityPayments exempt.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.150Expenditures within authorized fundsExisting expenditures not reduced or supplanted.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.160County homeless housing task forcesHomeless housing plansReports by counties.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.170Interagency council on homelessnessDutiesReports.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.180Washington homeless client management information system.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.185Eviction prevention rental assistance program.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.190Affordable housing for all account.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.200Transitional housing assistance to offendersPilot program.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.210Transitional housing operating and rent program.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.220Essential needs and housing support programDistribution of funds.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.230Verification of eligibilityMedical care services.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.250Youth servicesDuties of crisis residential center administrator and departmentMultidisciplinary team.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.255Youth servicesMultidisciplinary teamDuties.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.260Youth servicesOfficer taking child into custodyAuthorizationDuration of custodyTransportingReport on suspected abuse or neglect.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.265Youth servicesOfficer taking child into custodyProcedureTransporting to home, crisis residential center, custody of department of social and health services, or juvenile detention facility.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.275Youth servicesImmunity from liability for law enforcement officer and person with whom child is placed.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.280Youth servicesDuty to inform parentsTransportation to child's home or out-of-home placementNotice to department of social and health services.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.285Youth servicesUnauthorized leave from crisis residential centerNotice to parents, law enforcement, and the department of children, youth, and families.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.290Youth servicesChild admitted to secure facilityMaximum hours of custodyEvaluation for semi-secure facility or release to department of social and health servicesParental right to remove childReconciliation effortInformation to parent and childWritten statement of services and rightsCrisis residential center immunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.295Youth servicesCrisis residential centersEstablishmentStaffDutiesSemi-secure facilitiesSecure facilities.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.2951Youth servicesCrisis residential centersIncremental increase in beds.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.300Youth servicesSecure facilitiesLimit on reimbursement or compensation.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.305Youth servicesCrisis residential centersRemoval fromServices availableUnauthorized leave.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.310Youth servicesCrisis residential centersRemoval to another center or secure facilityPlacement in secure juvenile detention facility.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.315Youth servicesHOPE centersEstablishmentRequirements.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.320Youth servicesHOPE centersEligibilityMinors.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.325Youth servicesHOPE centersResponsible living skills programsGrant proposalsTechnical assistance.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.330Youth servicesHOPE centersResponsible living skills programsAwarding of contracts.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.340Students experiencing homelessnessGrant program to link families with housingProgram goalsGrant processRequirementsGrantees report to the department.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.901Conflict with federal requirements2005 c 484.
HTMLPDF 43.185C.902Effective date2005 c 484.