Chapter 43.07 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.07.010Official bond.
HTMLPDF 43.07.020Assistant and deputy secretary of state, chief of staff.
HTMLPDF 43.07.030General duties.
HTMLPDF 43.07.032Authenticity or certification of signaturesAttestation.
HTMLPDF 43.07.035Memorandum of agreement or contract for secretary of state's services with state agencies or private entities.
HTMLPDF 43.07.037Gifts, grants, conveyancesReceipt, saleRules.
HTMLPDF 43.07.040Custodian of state records.
HTMLPDF 43.07.120FeesRules.
HTMLPDF 43.07.125FeesCharitable trustsCharitable solicitations.
HTMLPDF 43.07.128FeesLibrary operations account.
HTMLPDF 43.07.129Washington state library operations account.
HTMLPDF 43.07.130Secretary of state's revolving fundPublication fees authorized, disposition.
HTMLPDF 43.07.140Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed.
HTMLPDF 43.07.150Uniform commercial code powers, duties, and functions transferred to department of licensing.
HTMLPDF 43.07.160Authenticating officersAppointment authorizedUse of facsimile signature.
HTMLPDF 43.07.170Establishment of a corporate filing system using other methods authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.07.173Electronic transmissionsAcceptance and filing by the secretary of state.
HTMLPDF 43.07.175Copies of certain filed documents to insurance commissioner.
HTMLPDF 43.07.180Staggered corporate license renewal system authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.07.190Use of a summary face sheet or cover sheet with the filing of certain documents authorized.
HTMLPDF 43.07.200Department of revenue as secretary of state's agent for legal entity renewals.
HTMLPDF 43.07.210Filing false statementsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 43.07.300Division of electionsDirector.
HTMLPDF 43.07.310Division of electionsDuties.
HTMLPDF 43.07.350Citizens' exchange program.
HTMLPDF 43.07.363Washington state legacy projectOral historiesAdvisory council.
HTMLPDF 43.07.365Washington state legacy projectFundingRules.
HTMLPDF 43.07.370Washington state legacy projectGifts, grants, conveyancesExpendituresRules.
HTMLPDF 43.07.380Washington state legacy project, state library, and archives account.
HTMLPDF 43.07.388Washington state flag account.
HTMLPDF 43.07.390Real estate excise tax enforcementDisclosure of transfer of controlling interest, real property.
HTMLPDF 43.07.400Domestic partnership registryFormsRules.
HTMLPDF 43.07.405Library-archives building.
HTMLPDF 43.07.410Library-archives building account.
HTMLPDF 43.07.900Transfer of powers, duties, and functionsLegislative oral history program.


Acquisition and disposition of highway property, powers and duties relating to: Chapter 47.12 RCW.
Address confidentiality: Chapter 40.24 RCW.
Attests commissions issued by state: State Constitution Art. 3 s 15.
Attorney for former residents and nonresidents for service of process arising out of motor vehicle operation in this state: RCW 46.64.040.
Bonds deposited with
state auditor: RCW 43.09.010.
state officers' bonds: RCW 43.07.030.
state treasurer: RCW 43.08.020.
Charitable trusts: Chapter 11.110 RCW.
Civil rights, issuance of copies of instruments restoring civil rights: RCW 5.44.090.
County seats, removal, notice: RCW 36.12.070.
Duties: State Constitution Art. 3 s 17.
Election of: State Constitution Art. 3 s 1.
ballot titles, notice of contents: RCW 29A.36.040.
certificates of election, issuance by: RCW 29A.52.370.
chief election officer: RCW 29A.04.230.
county auditors, election laws for: RCW 29A.04.235.
presidential primary: Chapter 29A.56 RCW.
returns, certifying of: RCW 43.07.030.
Filing with
banks: Chapter 30A.08 RCW.
corporations: Title 23B RCW.
credit unions: Chapter 31.12 RCW.
department of transportation: RCW 47.68.210.
domestic insurers: RCW 48.06.200.
engrossed bills: RCW 44.20.010.
initiatives and referendums: State Constitution Art. 2 s 1; RCW 29A.72.010, 29A.72.170.
mutual savings banks: RCW 32.08.061, 32.08.070.
savings and loan associations: RCW 33.08.080.
standard uniforms for sheriffs: RCW 36.28.170.
statute law committee code correction orders: RCW 1.08.016.
trust companies: Chapter 30A.08 RCW.
Foreign corporations, duties: Chapters 23B.01 and 23B.15 RCW.
Initiatives and referendums
acceptance or rejection of petitions for filing: RCW 29A.72.170.
filing of proposals and petitions with: State Constitution Art. 2 s 1; RCW 29A.72.010.
numbering of initiative and referendum measures: RCW 29A.72.040.
transmittal of copies to attorney general: RCW 29A.72.060.
Jury source listMaster jury listCreationAdoption of rules for implementation of methodology and standards by agencies: RCW 2.36.054 and 2.36.0571.
Legislative journals, custodian of: RCW 43.07.040.
Local government redistricting: Chapter 29A.76 RCW.
Massachusetts trusts, power to prescribe rules and regulations as to: RCW 23.90.040.
Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.
Oath of office: RCW 43.01.020.
Official bond: RCW 43.07.010.
Process deposited with
domestic corporation without officer in state upon whom process can be served: RCW 4.28.090.
foreign corporation failing to maintain agent in state: RCW 23B.14.300.
nonadmitted foreign corporations having powers as to notes secured by real estate mortgages: RCW 23B.18.040.
nonresident or former resident motorists: RCW 46.64.040.
trademark registration actions: RCW 19.77.090.
Records, custodian of: State Constitution Art. 3 s 24; RCW 43.07.040.
Registry of governor's acts kept by: RCW 43.07.030.
Residence to be maintained at seat of government: State Constitution Art. 3 s 24.
Salary, amount of: State Constitution Art. 3 s 17, Art. 28 s 1; RCW 43.03.010.
Sale of unneeded toll facility property, secretary to attest deed and deliver: RCW 47.56.255.
Session laws
custodian of: RCW 43.07.040.
engrossed bill filed with: RCW 44.20.010.
numbering of: RCW 44.20.020.
State canvassing board member: RCW 29A.60.240.
Statute law committee code correction orders filed with: RCW 1.08.016.
Succession to office of governor: State Constitution Art. 3 s 10.
Term of office: State Constitution Art. 3 s 3; RCW 43.01.010.
Trademarks and trade names
filing fee: RCW 43.07.120.
registration of, duties: Chapter 19.77 RCW.