Chapter 41.58 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.58.005IntentConstruction.
HTMLPDF 41.58.010Public employment relations commissionCreatedMembershipTermsVacanciesQuorumReport.
HTMLPDF 41.58.015Compensation and travel expenses of membersExecutive directorEmployees.
HTMLPDF 41.58.020Powers and duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 41.58.030Office.
HTMLPDF 41.58.040Duties of employers and employees.
HTMLPDF 41.58.050Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 41.58.060State ferry system, which chapter governs.
HTMLPDF 41.58.070Law enforcement personnel disciplinary grievance arbitrationProceduresEffect of collective bargaining agreementsArbitrator roster.
HTMLPDF 41.58.080Organizing petitionsElectronic signatures.
HTMLPDF 41.58.100Legislative commissionReportDuties to transfer to commission.
HTMLPDF 41.58.800Transfer of employees to commission.
HTMLPDF 41.58.801Transfer of reports, documents, records, property, etc., funds, appropriations, etc.
HTMLPDF 41.58.802Procedure for transfer of budgeted fund or equipment.
HTMLPDF 41.58.803Continuation and savings.