Chapter 41.45 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.45.010IntentGoals.
HTMLPDF 41.45.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.45.030State actuary to submit information on the experience and financial condition of each retirement systemAdoption of long-term economic assumptions.
HTMLPDF 41.45.035Long-term economic assumptionsInvestment rate of return assumptionsAsset value smoothing technique.
HTMLPDF 41.45.050Contributions to be based on rates established in this chapterAllocation formula for contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.45.060Basic state and employer contribution ratesMethods usedRole of councilRole of state actuary.
HTMLPDF 41.45.0604Contribution ratesLaw enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2.
HTMLPDF 41.45.061Required contribution rates for plan 2 members.
HTMLPDF 41.45.062Annual contribution rate increasesEmployer, state, and plan 2 members.
HTMLPDF 41.45.0621Plan 1 unfunded accrued actuarial liabilitiesContributions in addition to RCW 41.45.062Intent.
HTMLPDF 41.45.0631Washington state patrol retirement systemContribution ratesAllocation of costs.
HTMLPDF 41.45.067Failure of state or employer to make required contributionResulting increase in contribution rate borne in full by state or employerMembers' contribution deducted each payroll period.
HTMLPDF 41.45.070Supplemental rate.
HTMLPDF 41.45.080Additional contributions may be required.
HTMLPDF 41.45.090Collection of actuarial data.
HTMLPDF 41.45.100Pension funding councilCreated.
HTMLPDF 41.45.110Pension funding councilAudits requiredSelect committee on pension policy.
HTMLPDF 41.45.120Pension funding work group.
HTMLPDF 41.45.130Public employees' retirement system plan 2 assets dividedAssets transferred to school employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.45.150Unfunded liabilitiesEmployer contribution rates.
HTMLPDF 41.45.155Certain plans 2 and 3 normal costsMinimum basic employer contribution rates.
HTMLPDF 41.45.158Certain plans 2 and 3 normal costsMinimum member contribution rates.
HTMLPDF 41.45.200Contribution rates for certain justices and judgesPublic employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.45.203Contribution rates for certain justices and judgesTeachers' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.45.207Contribution rates for certain district or municipal court judgesPublic employees' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.45.230Pension funding stabilization accountCreation.