Chapter 4.56 RCW



HTMLPDF 4.56.050Effect of judgment against executor or administrator.
HTMLPDF 4.56.060Judgment in case of setoffWhen equal or less than plaintiff's debt.
HTMLPDF 4.56.070Judgment in case of setoffWhen exceeds plaintiff's debtEffect of contract assignment.
HTMLPDF 4.56.075Judgment in case of setoffWhen exceeds plaintiff's debt or affirmative relief required.
HTMLPDF 4.56.080Judgment in action to recover personal property.
HTMLPDF 4.56.090Assignment of judgmentFiling.
HTMLPDF 4.56.100Satisfaction of judgments for payment of money.
HTMLPDF 4.56.110Interest on judgments.
HTMLPDF 4.56.111Interest on judgmentsRate.
HTMLPDF 4.56.115Interest on judgments against state, political subdivisions or municipal corporationsTorts.
HTMLPDF 4.56.120Judgment of dismissal or nonsuit, grounds, effectOther judgments on merits.
HTMLPDF 4.56.150Challenge to legal sufficiency of evidenceJudgment in bar or of nonsuit.
HTMLPDF 4.56.190Lien of judgment.
HTMLPDF 4.56.200Commencement of lien on real estate.
HTMLPDF 4.56.210Cessation of lienExtension prohibitedException.
HTMLPDF 4.56.260Award of future economic damagesProposal for periodic paymentsSecuritySatisfaction of judgment.


Enforcement of judgments: Title 6 RCW.
Judgments, financial support of child: RCW 13.34.161.
Liens, cessation, financial support of child: RCW 13.34.161.
Pleading judgments: RCW 4.36.070.
Time limit for decision: State Constitution Art. 4 § 20.
Verdict or award of future economic damages in personal injury or property damage action may provide for periodic payments: RCW 4.56.260.