Chapter 35.43 RCW



35.43.005Municipal local improvement statutes applicable to public corporations.
35.43.010Terms defined.
35.43.030Charters supersededApplicationOrdinancesDistricts outside city authorized, within city authorized for transportation and infrastructure purposes.
35.43.035Creation of district outside city subject to review by boundary review board.
35.43.040Authority generally.
35.43.042Authority to establish utility local improvement districtsProcedure.
35.43.043Conversion of local improvement district into utility local improvement district.
35.43.045Open canals or ditchesSafeguards.
35.43.050AuthorityNoncontinuous improvements.
35.43.060Consolidated citiesProcedure.
35.43.070OrdinanceAction on petition or resolution.
35.43.075Petition for district outside city may be denied.
35.43.080OrdinanceCreation of district.
35.43.100OrdinanceFinalityLimitation upon challenging jurisdiction or authority to proceed.
35.43.110PetitionMandatory, when.
35.43.125PetitionNotice and public hearing required.
35.43.130Preliminary estimates and assessment roll.
35.43.140ResolutionsContents, publicationHearing, by whom held.
35.43.150ResolutionsHearing uponNotice.
35.43.180Restraint by protest.
35.43.182Waivers of protestRecordingLimits on enforceability.
35.43.184Preformation expenditures.
35.43.186Credits for other assessments.
35.43.188Assessment reimbursement accounts.
35.43.190WorkBy contract or by city or public corporation.
35.43.200Street railways at expense of property benefited.
35.43.210Street railways at expense of property benefitedPetitionAssessment district.
35.43.220Street railways at expense of property benefitedAssessment of cost.
35.43.230Street railways at expense of property benefitedProcedure.
35.43.250Deferral of collection of assessments for economically disadvantaged personsAuthorized.
35.43.260Service fees for sewers not constructed within ten years after voter approvalCredit against future assessments, service charges.
35.43.270Sanitary sewer or potable water facilitiesNotice to certain property owners.
35.43.280Settlement of Indian claims.


Assessment rolls, eminent domain improvements, objections to: RCW 8.12.330.
fire protection districts: RCW 52.20.010.
first-class cities, special: RCW 35.22.280(10).
local improvements, may be made by: State Constitution Art. 7 § 9.
public utility districts: RCW 54.16.160, 54.16.165.
Authority of cities to levy special taxes for: State Constitution Art. 7 § 9.
Bonds, savings and loan associations may invest in: RCW 33.24.080.
Bridges, elevated, ordinance ordering improvement: RCW 35.85.020.
Curbs along streets, construction, reconstruction and repair: Chapter 35.68 RCW.
Eminent domain: Chapter 8.12 RCW.
First-class cities, authority for special assessments: RCW 35.22.280 (10), (13).
Foreclosure of assessments
curbs and gutter construction and repair: RCW 35.68.070.
sidewalk construction, second-class cities: RCW 35.70.090.
sidewalks and driveways across: RCW 35.68.070.
Local improvement districts
bridges, elevated: RCW 35.85.020.
metropolitan municipal corporations, effect on: RCW 35.58.500.
roadways, elevated: RCW 35.85.020.
subways: RCW 35.85.050.
tunnels: RCW 35.85.050.
viaducts: RCW 35.85.020.
water rights acquisition: RCW 35.92.220.
Metropolitan park districts, assessment against lands adjoining: RCW 35.61.220.
Parking, off-street facilities: RCW 35.86.020.
Pedestrian malls, financing: RCW 35.71.060.
Prepayment of taxes and assessments: RCW 35.21.650.
Roadways, elevated, ordinance ordering improvement: RCW 35.85.020.
Sanitary fills: Chapter 35.73 RCW.
Second-class cities, providing for improvements: RCW 35.23.440(47).
Special assessments: State Constitution Art. 7 § 9.
Streets and alleys
agreements with county: RCW 35.77.020.
county furnishing construction and maintenance: RCW 35.77.020.
county use of road fund: RCW 35.77.030.
establishing grade, procedure: Chapter 35.73 RCW.
Subways, authority to construct: RCW 35.85.050.
Tunnels, authority to construct: RCW 35.85.050.
Unfit dwellings, assessments for: RCW 35.80.030(1)(h).
Viaducts, ordinance ordering improvement: RCW 35.85.020.
Water rights, acquisition of: RCW 35.92.220.