Chapter 33.20 RCW



33.20.005Deposits by individuals governed by chapter 30.22 RCW.
33.20.010Mutual association member's interest in assetsMeetingsVotingProxies.
33.20.040Minors as members.
33.20.060State, political subdivisions, fiduciaries as depositors.
33.20.125Record of member depositsAs in lieu of passbook, statement, or certificate of deposit.
33.20.130Dormant accounts.
33.20.150Deposits with interest to be repaid on requestPostponement of withdrawalsProcedure.
33.20.170Withdrawals may be limitedConditions.
33.20.180Classification of depositorsRegulation of earnings according to class.
33.20.190Withdrawal by association draft or negotiable or transferable order or authorizationInterest eligibility.