Chapter 30B.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 30B.04.002Short title.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.010Name of trust institutionUse of trust in name.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.020RulesAdministration and interpretation of title.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.030Persons authorized to act as a fiduciary.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.040Activities not requiring certificate of authority or approval under this title.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.050Persons subject to the requirement of a certificate of authority or approval under this title.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.060Confidentiality of examination information.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.070Limits on loans to insiders and affiliatesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.080Transactions in state trust company shares.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.090Investment of corporate fundsSecurities.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.100Investment in corporationsSubsidiaries.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.110Pledge of assets.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.120Investment in state trust company facilities.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.130Separation of trust recordsRecordkeeping.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.140Legal services, advertising ofPenalty.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.160Choice of law clauses.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.170Choice of law when instrument silent.
HTMLPDF 30B.04.180Public notice by electronic means.