Chapter 13.40 RCW



HTMLPDF 13.40.010Short titleIntentPurpose.
HTMLPDF 13.40.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 13.40.030Security guidelinesLegislative reviewLimitations on permissible ranges of confinement.
HTMLPDF 13.40.0351Equal application of guidelines and standards.
HTMLPDF 13.40.0357Juvenile offender sentencing standards.
HTMLPDF 13.40.038County juvenile detention facilitiesPolicyDetention and risk assessment standards.
HTMLPDF 13.40.040Taking juvenile into custody, groundsDetention of, groundsDetention pending dispositionRelease on bond, conditionsBail jumping.
HTMLPDF 13.40.042Detention of juvenile suffering from mental disorder or substance use disorder.
HTMLPDF 13.40.045EscapeesArrest warrants.
HTMLPDF 13.40.050Detention proceduresNotice of hearingConditions of releaseConsultation with parent, guardian, or custodian.
HTMLPDF 13.40.054Probation bond or collateralModification or revocation of probation bond.
HTMLPDF 13.40.058Fines, administrative fees, costs, and surcharges prohibited.
HTMLPDF 13.40.060Jurisdiction of actionsTransfer of case and records, whenChange in venue, grounds.
HTMLPDF 13.40.070ComplaintsScreeningFiling informationDiversionModification of community supervisionNotice to parent or guardianProbation counselor acting for prosecutorReferral to community-based, restorative justice, mediation, or reconciliation programs.
HTMLPDF 13.40.077Recommended prosecuting standards for charging and plea dispositions.
HTMLPDF 13.40.080Diversion agreementScopeLimitationsRestitution ordersDivertee's rightsDiversion unit's powers and dutiesInterpretersModification.
HTMLPDF 13.40.087Youth who have been divertedAlleged prostitution or prostitution loitering offensesServices and treatment.
HTMLPDF 13.40.090Prosecuting attorney as party to juvenile court proceedingsException, procedure.
HTMLPDF 13.40.100Summons or other notification issued upon filing of informationProcedureOrder to take juvenile into custodyContempt of court, when.
HTMLPDF 13.40.110Hearing on question of declining jurisdictionHeld, whenFindings.
HTMLPDF 13.40.120HearingsTime and place.
HTMLPDF 13.40.127Deferred disposition.
HTMLPDF 13.40.130Procedure upon plea of guilty or not guilty to information allegationsNoticeAdjudicatory and disposition hearingDisposition standards used in sentencing.
HTMLPDF 13.40.135Sexual motivation special allegationProcedures.
HTMLPDF 13.40.140Juveniles entitled to usual judicial rightsNotice ofOpen courtPrivilege against self-incriminationWaiver of rights, when.
HTMLPDF 13.40.150Disposition hearingScopeFactors to be considered prior to entry of dispositional order.
HTMLPDF 13.40.160Disposition orderCourt's action prescribedDisposition outside standard rangeRight of appealSpecial sex offender disposition alternative.
HTMLPDF 13.40.162Special sex offender disposition alternative.
HTMLPDF 13.40.165Substance use disorder or mental health disposition alternative.
HTMLPDF 13.40.180Single disposition orderConsecutive terms when two or more offensesLimitationsSeparate disposition orderConcurrent period of community supervision.
HTMLPDF 13.40.185Disposition orderConfinement under departmental supervision or in juvenile facility, when.
HTMLPDF 13.40.190Disposition orderRestitution for loss or damageModification of restitution order.
HTMLPDF 13.40.192Restitution and other legal financial obligationsEnforceabilityTreatment of obligations upon age of eighteen or conclusion of juvenile court jurisdictionExtension of judgment.
HTMLPDF 13.40.193FirearmsLength of confinement.
HTMLPDF 13.40.196FirearmsSpecial allegation.
HTMLPDF 13.40.200Violation of order of restitution, community supervision, or confinementModification of order after hearing.
HTMLPDF 13.40.205Release from physical custody, whenAuthorized leavesLeave plan and orderNotice.
HTMLPDF 13.40.210Setting of release dateAdministrative release authorized, whenParole program, revocation or modification of, scopeIntensive supervision programParole officer's right of arrest.
HTMLPDF 13.40.212Intensive supervision programElements.
HTMLPDF 13.40.213Juveniles alleged to have committed offenses of prostitution or prostitution loiteringDiversion.
HTMLPDF 13.40.215Juveniles found to have committed violent or sex offense or stalkingNotification of discharge, parole, leave, release, transfer, or escapeTo whom givenSchool attendanceDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 13.40.217Juveniles adjudicated of sex offensesRelease of information authorized.
HTMLPDF 13.40.219Arrest for prostitution or prostitution loiteringAlleged offenderVictim of severe form of trafficking, commercial sex abuse of a minor.
HTMLPDF 13.40.230Appeal from order of dispositionJurisdictionProcedureScopeRelease pending appeal.
HTMLPDF 13.40.240Construction of RCW references to juvenile delinquents or juvenile delinquency.
HTMLPDF 13.40.250Traffic infraction, transit infraction, and civil infraction casesDiversion agreements.
HTMLPDF 13.40.265Firearm, alcohol, and drug violations.
HTMLPDF 13.40.280Transfer of juvenile to department of corrections facilityGroundsHearingTermRetransfer to a facility for juveniles.
HTMLPDF 13.40.285Juvenile offender sentenced to terms in juvenile and adult facilitiesTransfer to department of correctionsTerm of confinement.
HTMLPDF 13.40.300Commitment of juvenile beyond age twenty-one prohibitedExceptionsCommitment up to age twenty-five permitted under certain circumstancesJurisdiction of juvenile court after juvenile's eighteenth birthday.
HTMLPDF 13.40.301Department to protect younger children in confinement from older youth confined pursuant to 2018 c 162.
HTMLPDF 13.40.305Juvenile offender adjudicated of theft of motor vehicle, possession of stolen vehicle, taking motor vehicle without permission in the first degree, taking motor vehicle without permission in the second degreeLocal sanctionsEvaluation.
HTMLPDF 13.40.308Juvenile offender adjudicated of taking motor vehicle without permission in the first degree, theft of motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, taking motor vehicle without permission in the second degreeMinimum sentences.
HTMLPDF 13.40.310Transitional treatment program for gang and drug-involved juvenile offenders.
HTMLPDF 13.40.320Juvenile offender basic training camp program.
HTMLPDF 13.40.400Applicability of RCW 10.01.040 to chapter.
HTMLPDF 13.40.430Disparity in disposition of juvenile offendersData collection.
HTMLPDF 13.40.460Juvenile rehabilitation programsAdministration.
HTMLPDF 13.40.462Reinvesting in youth program.
HTMLPDF 13.40.464Reinvesting in youth programGuidelines.
HTMLPDF 13.40.468Juvenile rehabilitation administrationState quality assurance program.
HTMLPDF 13.40.470Vulnerable youth committed to residential facilitiesProtection from sexually aggressive youthAssessment process.
HTMLPDF 13.40.480Student records and informationReasons for releaseWho may request.
HTMLPDF 13.40.500Community juvenile accountability programsFindingsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 13.40.510Community juvenile accountability programsEstablishmentProposalsGuidelines.
HTMLPDF 13.40.511Community juvenile accountability programsStop loss policyFunding for juvenile courtsReport to legislature.
HTMLPDF 13.40.520Community juvenile accountability programsGrants.
HTMLPDF 13.40.530Community juvenile accountability programsEffectiveness standards.
HTMLPDF 13.40.540Community juvenile accountability programsInformation collectionReport.
HTMLPDF 13.40.550Community juvenile accountability programsShort title.
HTMLPDF 13.40.560Juvenile accountability incentive account.
HTMLPDF 13.40.570Sexual misconduct by state employees, contractors.
HTMLPDF 13.40.580Youth courtsDiversion.
HTMLPDF 13.40.590Youth court programs.
HTMLPDF 13.40.600Youth court jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 13.40.610Youth court notification of satisfaction of conditions.
HTMLPDF 13.40.620Appearance before youth court with parent, guardian, or legal custodian.
HTMLPDF 13.40.630Youth court dispositions.
HTMLPDF 13.40.650Use of restraints on pregnant youth in custodyAllowed in extraordinary circumstances.
HTMLPDF 13.40.651Use of restraints on pregnant youth in custodyProvision of information to staff and pregnant youth in custody.
HTMLPDF 13.40.660Exchange of intimate images by minorsFindingsWork group.
HTMLPDF 13.40.720Imposition of legal financial obligationsCity, town, or county authority.
HTMLPDF 13.40.730Community transition services program.
HTMLPDF 13.40.735Planned releaseNotice to health care insurance provider.
HTMLPDF 13.40.740Juvenile access to an attorney.
HTMLPDF 13.40.745Program grantsSex offender evaluation and treatment programs.
HTMLPDF 13.40.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Health and dental examination and care for juveniles in detention facilityConsent: RCW 13.04.047.
Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender: RCW 13.04.300.
Treatment of juvenile offenders: RCW 74.14A.030, 74.14A.040.