Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also WATER)
Groundwaters, from Columbia river basin project, agreements, area/subarea establishment prior to: SB 5230, * SSB 5230, CH 185 (2021)
Odessa aquifer subarea, user right to withdraw groundwater exercised involuntarily during drought/low flow: SB 5860, * SSB 5860, CH 60 (2022)
Odessa aquifer, nonuse of groundwater right from, process for avoiding relinquishment due to: SB 5860, * SSB 5860, CH 60 (2022)
Pilot local water management program, rights banked into trust water rights program pursuant to: * HB 1143, CH 110 (2021)
Relinquishment, for nonuse, good faith purchaser retention of right, when: HB 1132
Relinquishment, reallocation for certain locally owned family farms use and instream flow augmentation: HB 2067
Rights, adjudication of, estimated costs and rights/claims/exempt uses reports to legislature prior to: SB 5966
Rights, established as family farm permit, transfer to beneficial use at location within certain boundaries: HB 2101
Rights, relinquishment due to nonuse, sufficient cause for and good faith purchaser unaware of: SB 5060
Rights, transfers to downstream WRIAs, restrictions and conditions for: HB 1385
Stock watering, riparian landowner de minimus surface water diversion for, notice requirement: SSB 5882
Stock watering, riparian, clarifying existing legal right to access surface water for: HB 2106, SB 5882, SSB 5882
Trust water rights program, certain rights banked into, as temporary trust water right donations: * HB 1143, CH 110 (2021)
Yakima basin integrated plan, water infrastructure/supply as provided by, model toxics control funding for: SB 5857