Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

988 suicide prevention hotline, on signs for certain public works projects: * E2SHB 1181, CH 191 (2022), HB 1600
Alternative contracting procedures, capital projects advisory review board role: * SB 5032, CH 230 (2021)
Alternative contracting procedures, job order contracts and work orders: HB 1288
Alternative contracting procedures, reauthorization of and improvements to: * SB 5032, CH 230 (2021)
Apprenticeship utilization requirements, for municipality/DOT/school district/college contracts: HB 1308
Bidding, competitive, contracts exempt from certain requirements for, awarding to small businesses, when: SB 5458
Broadband access, in unserved areas, grant/loan program for, emergency public works broadband projects: HB 1673, * ESHB 1673, CH 201 (2022), SB 5580, SSB 5580
Broadband access, in unserved areas, grant/loan program for, various modifications: HB 1673, * ESHB 1673, CH 201 (2022)
Building materials, maximum acceptable global warming potentials and environmental product declarations: SB 5659
Building materials, used in state public works projects, and suppliers of, climate and labor standards for: SB 5659
Community preservation and development authorities, boards of directors for, membership: * EHB 1471, CH 47 (2021)
Community preservation/development authority, qualified facility/stadium, impact assessment fee on admission price: HB 2128
Community revitalization financing, for permanently affordable housing: * HB 2061, CH 38 (2022)
Compost, use by local and state agencies: SB 5717
Contracting, building materials, environmental product declarations for: HB 1103, SHB 1103, SB 5366
Contractor licensing laws, references in public works and prevailing wage statutes, adding: SB 5604
Contracts, clauses waiving/extinguishing rights to damages due to, voiding: SSB 5333
Higher education institutions, public, construction/other public works, bid limits for, increasing: SB 5844
Improvement system, interagency multijurisdictional team for, removing expiration date: SB 5403, * SSB 5403, CH 190 (2021)
Infrastructure bank, national, legislation to establish, requesting that congress pass: SJM 8006
Infrastructure, local, system improvement team, duties: SHB 1263, 2SHB 1263
Local infrastructure investment programs, local jurisdiction commencing of: HB 1966
Local infrastructure project areas and financing, taxing districts/property tax levies/public improvements: HB 1243, SB 5823
Municipalities, contracts with community service organizations for public improvements, modifying requirements: HB 2052
Pollinator habitat, requirements when public works project includes landscaping: SB 5253, SSB 5253, * 2SSB 5253, CH 278 (2021)
Predesign, for major capital construction projects, reducing requirements: * HB 1023, CH 54 (2021)
Prevailing wages, contractor licensing law references in public works statutes, adding: SB 5604
Prevailing wages, subprevailing wage certificates for individuals with disabilities, eliminating: * SB 5763, CH 55 (2022)
Prime contracts, bidding on, within one hour and within 48 hours, modifying bidder requirements for: HB 1391, SHB 1391, * ESB 5356, CH 103 (2021)
Public facilities, in rural counties, local sales/use tax for, extending expiration of: HB 1333, ESHB 1333
Public facilities, rural infrastructure grant program for entities in rural counties for: SHB 1263, 2SHB 1263
Public facilities, rural infrastructure grant program for local governments in rural counties for: HB 1263
Public improvements, increment financing by local governments via tax increment financing areas: HB 1189, * ESHB 1189, CH 207 (2021), SB 5211, SSB 5211, 2SSB 5211
Public works assistance account, continuing temporary uses of funds in: SSB 5616, * 2SSB 5616, CH 157 (2022)
School districts, capital projects requirements, bond authorization training for boards of directors: HB 1306, SHB 1306
Small works roster, limited public works process use: HB 1259
Small works roster, maximum estimated cost: HB 1259