Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Accommodation services, new employees hired for new positions, B&O tax credits for: SB 5515, SSB 5515
Facilities, housing long-term guests under eviction moratorium, property tax exemption: SB 5556
Facility operators, legal costs due to guests ceasing payments under eviction moratorium, reimbursement for: SB 5556
Hotels, liquor license for, reducing fees: * 3SHB 1359, CH 116 (2022)
Motels, liquor license for, reducing fees: * 3SHB 1359, CH 116 (2022)
Public accommodation, places of, closed captioning on televisions in: * SB 5027, CH 229 (2021)
Public accommodation/etc., places of, facial recognition technology in, prohibiting: SB 5104
Sale of lodging, businesses making retail sales of lodging, B&O tax preferential rate: HB 1299
Sale of lodging, special assessment on, lodging business collection as separate charge per night: HB 1512, * ESHB 1512, CH 225 (2021)
Sale of lodging, special excise taxes on: SB 5012, SSB 5012, SB 5978
Short-term rental operators and platforms, provisions: SB 5012, SSB 5012, SB 5978