Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Election campaign contributions, authority to regulate, U.S. constitutional amendment/convention: SJM 8002
Financial services de-risking by financial institutions, requesting that congress pass legislation to reduce: SJM 8004
Fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, urging U.S. government to begin negotiations to enter into a: SJM 8008
Infrastructure bank, national, legislation to establish, requesting that congress pass: SJM 8006
Jones Act, fostering strong domestic maritime industry, legislature's support for: HJM 4002
Legislation, including joint memorials, cutoff dates: HCR 4402, * SCR 8401 (2021), * SCR 8404 (2022)
Memorials, resolutions, and bills from 2021 regular session, returning to house of origin: * HCR 4403 (2021)
Memorials, resolutions, and bills from 2022 regular session, returning to house of origin: HCR 4408, * SCR 8406 (2022)
Memorials, resolutions, and bills, reintroduction for 2022 regular session: * HCR 4405 (2022)
Motor vehicles, new, intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) technology use in all, urging congress to mandate: SJM 8010
National biodiversity strategy, calling on federal government to establish: SJM 8009
Nuclear fuel, spent, U.S. GAO recommendations for managing, urging congress and DOE to implement: SJM 8007
Petroleum/other hydrocarbons, future purchases from Russia of, urging congress to support restricting/prohibiting: HJM 4003
PFAS contamination of surface/groundwater, requesting federal monitoring/mitigation assistance: SJM 8001
Pinnipeds, state/tribal lethal removal in Puget Sound to protect salmon, requesting that congress amend MMPA to allow: SJM 8003
State of liberty, creating from eastern Washington, petitioning congress for consent: HJM 4000
U.S. government and congress, limits on, U.S. constitutional amendment convention: HJM 4001, SJM 8000
Washington, D.C., statehood for, urging congress to enact legislation and supporting: SJM 8005