Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Alternative commercial fishing gear types for salmon, DFW plan to authorize/implement/regulate, requirements for: SSB 5567
Anadromous fish protection and recovery, state goal for, DFW role: HB 1653
Bees/pollinators, habitat for, DFW role: SB 5253, SSB 5253, * 2SSB 5253, CH 278 (2021)
Best available science, for designation of certain areas under GMA, DFW role: SB 5314
Director, appointment by commissioner of public lands: SB 5721
Electric-assisted bicycles, use on trails/roads closed to motor vehicles, where/which bicycle classes, DFW role: * ESSB 5452, CH 191 (2021)
Enforcement actions, burden of proof on department: SB 5081
Enforcement program, fish/wildlife, adequate commissioned personnel/funding/resources for, maintaining: HB 2110
Enforcement program, fish/wildlife, marine resources/public safety protection, 25 percent of field officers for: HB 2110
Fish passage barrier removal board, Washington water infrastructure program role of: SB 5632
Fish passage barriers, DOT correction projects, DFW permitting review/approval process: SB 5207, SB 5381, * SSB 5381, CH 289 (2021)
Fixed fishing gear types for selective commercial harvest of salmon, DFW authority to authorize use of: SSB 5567
Governance of the department of fish and wildlife, joint legislative task force on, establishing: HB 2027
Lands, DFW game lands, payments to counties in lieu of property taxes: * SB 5159, CH 184 (2021) PV
Officers, fish/wildlife, outreach/retention program, with recruitment/new-hire/retention programs, DFW to establish: HB 1787
Pinniped predation, effect on chinook salmon in marine waters, review and evaluation of, DFW role: SB 5404
Pinniped predation, effect on chinook salmon, appropriate management actions, assessing, DFW role: SB 5404
Pinniped predation, effect on salmon and steelhead in marine waters, review and evaluation of, DFW role: SSB 5404
Pinniped predation, effect on salmon and steelhead, appropriate management actions, assessing, DFW role: SSB 5404
Pound net fishery, selective commercial, for salmon on lower Columbia river, DFW to authorize/implement/regulate: SSB 5567
Public safety, hunting cougar with aid of dogs for, county agency employee/agent authority to assist when DFW authorizes: SSB 5613
Salmon, number taken by dams on Snake river and animal predators each year, DFW to track and count: SB 5968
Salmon, Puget Sound salmon commercial fisheries advisory board, establishing for dispute resolution, DFW role: SB 5421
Salmon, Puget Sound salmon commercial/recreational fisheries advisory board, for dispute resolution, DFW role: SSB 5421
Salmon, recovery, statewide salmon recovery advisory committee, DFW to appoint: HB 1869
Salmon, salmon recovery element, optional under GMA, work plan requirement, DFW role: HB 1869
Salmon, salmon recovery technical panel, to consist of directors of DFW and 3 other agencies: HB 1869
Salmon/anadromous fish, preservation/enhancement in critical areas under GMA, requirements, DFW role: SB 5306
Salmon/steelhead, riparian management zones/ecosystems, restoration and protection of, DFW role: HB 1838, SB 5665, SB 5727
State's lands/waters, conserving 30% by 2030, creating 30 by 30 commission and 30 by 30 plan for, DFW role: SB 5962
Trails, DFW-managed, electric-assisted bicycle use on, when: HB 1524
Wildlife, taking or effort to harvest, licensee/permittee reporting requirements, violation penalty, increasing: HB 1261
Wolves, livestock injury/loss due to, payments from fish and wildlife account for costs, DFW role: * SB 5058, CH 14 (2021)
Youth fishing opportunities account, creating, DFW role: HB 1431, SHB 1431