Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also LOANS; WAGES AND HOURS)
Banks, Washington state public bank, establishing: SB 5188
Blockchain technology/applications, Washington blockchain work group, establishing: HB 1729, SHB 1729, SB 5544, * ESSB 5544, CH 226 (2022)
Children in foster care, self-controlled bank account with financial institution, program to provide: SB 5824, SSB 5824
Cooperatives, Washington state public financial cooperative, establishing: SSB 5188, E2SSB 5188
Credit unions, as public depositaries, repealing section: * SB 5106, CH 91 (2021)
Credit unions, Washington state credit union act, revising: * EHB 1165, CH 15 (2022)
Depositaries, public, linked deposit program, revising provisions of: * SB 5787, CH 99 (2022)
Equitable access to credit program, grants to lending institutions for underserved communities: HB 1015, SHB 1015, * E2SHB 1015, CH 189 (2022)
Federal home loan banks, collateral pledged by an insurer member, rights of bank, when: SB 5400
Financial products/services, innovative, regulatory sandbox program for testing, establishing: SB 5447
Financial services de-risking by financial institutions, requesting that congress pass legislation to reduce: SJM 8004
Fossil fuels industry, institutions providing financing to, imposing climate resiliency and mitigation surcharge on: SB 5967
Fossil fuels, bankers of, paying climate resiliency and mitigation surcharge, reducing B&O tax surcharge/surtax rate for: SB 5967
Garnishment, writs of, in cases of consumer debt and private student loan debt, duties of institutions: HB 1447, * HB 1525, CH 50 (2021)
Interest/investment earnings, on public funds, public depositaries receiving, B&O tax deduction for: HB 1531, SB 5445
Investment interest, B&O tax deduction for certain, eliminating to fund affordable housing: SB 5138
Linked deposit program, surplus treasury funds investment options, expanding to investment instruments: * SB 5787, CH 99 (2022)
Linked deposit program, time certificate of deposit investment program, renaming as surplus funds investment program: * SB 5787, CH 99 (2022)
London interbank offered rate (LIBOR), discontinuance of, protecting consumers from: SB 5946, SSB 5946
London interbank offered rate (LIBOR), transitioning certain financial contracts away from: SSB 5946
Service providers, providing service to institution, examination of: * SB 5602, CH 49 (2022)