Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Art works on grounds, major, removal/relocation process for: SB 5570
Capitol building lands, modifying statutory provisions: EHB 2073
Capitol campus design advisory committee, renaming as capitol campus design technical advisory work group: EHB 2073
Firearm/weapon, knowingly open carrying on west campus grounds or in buildings on capitol grounds, prohibiting: * ESSB 5038, CH 261 (2021)
Firearm/weapon, openly carrying on campus, prohibiting: SB 5038
Firearm/weapon, possession in buildings, on west capitol grounds, or in certain other buildings, prohibiting: HB 1234
Firearm/weapon, using in certain memorial events, prohibition exemption: SB 5690, ESSB 5690
Global war on terror, service members who died in, memorial on campus to commemorate, requirements: * E2SHB 1181, CH 191 (2022)
Global war on terror, state residents who died in, monument to honor, legislative work group to study/recommend: HB 1849, SB 5774
Legislative building, commemorating George Washington Bush through art in, task force on, establishing: HB 1339
Legislative building, skylights/ceilings in house/senate chambers, restoring: SB 5977
Legislative/Newhouse/Cherberg/O'Brien buildings and house/senate floors, legislator access to, requiring: HB 1696
Public monument, defacing, when owned by public body and including statue, class C felony: SB 5059
Public monument, defacing, when owned by public body and including statue, gross misdemeanor: SSB 5059
State capitol committee, as interbranch advisory committee of state government, re-establishing: EHB 2073
World War II memorial, sculptor Simon Kogan, life and work of, recognizing and honoring: * HR 4663 (2022)