Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Abortion care, equal rights to access, regardless of gender/gender identity/race/ethnicity/income level/etc.: * EHB 1851, CH 65 (2022), SB 5766
Down syndrome, abortion or attempted abortion due to, prohibiting: HB 1008, SB 5416
Down syndrome, attending physician reporting duties in relation to: HB 1008, SB 5416
Financial responsibility/funds expenditure, when minor is under age 16, prohibiting without parent/guardian consent: HB 2041
Gestational age/fetal heartbeat, limiting right to abortion based on, practitioner requirements/unlawful acts/penalties: HB 2121
Informed consent, for performing/inducing abortion, requiring: SB 5516
Medication, performing abortion by means of, prohibiting, class C felony: HB 1679
Parental notification, requirements: SB 5053
Procedures, certain complications from, collecting data on: SB 5625
Reproductive freedom, pregnant individual's right to choose or refuse to have abortion, provisions: * EHB 1851, CH 65 (2022), SB 5766
Right to choose to have abortion, limiting based on probable gestational age/detecting fetal heartbeat: HB 2121
Student health plans, coverage for abortion, when: * HB 1009, CH 53 (2021)