Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also ANIMALS)
Dogs, devocalizing or ear or tail cropping/cutting off, performing: HB 2317
Health sciences library, U. of Washington, online access fee: HB 1555, * SB 5000, CH 140 (2019)
Medication clerks, veterinary: SB 5004, * SSB 5004, CH 142 (2019)
Pets, low-income veterinary services for: SB 5004, * SSB 5004, CH 142 (2019)
Suicide prevention training program, for veterinarians/veterinary technicians: HB 2411
Veterinary board of governors, suicide prevention training role: HB 2411
Workforce education B&O tax surcharges, veterinary services exemption: SB 6055