Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

Electric vehicles, economic and technology advancement advisory committee: HB 2515
Electric vehicles, scoping plan, advisory committee regarding, convening: HB 2515
Electric vehicles, selling or registering in WA only, 2030 deadline: HB 2515
Glacier highway, requesting that WSTC name state route number 165 as the: SJM 8021
Gold Star memorial highway, requesting that WSTC name SR-902 as: HJM 4016
Highways, designation of names for certain, requesting that commission act: SJM 8020
Low-income drivers, discounted tolls and similar programs for, studying: SHB 2068
Regina Clark memorial bridge, requesting naming of SR-507 bridge over Skookumchuck river as: HJM 4007, * SHJM 4007 (2019)
Road usage fee, for electric/hybrid vehicles, implementation plan, WSTC role: SB 6586, SSB 6586