Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also CRIMES; MOTOR VEHICLES; TRAFFIC)
Alcohol violations, seizure and forfeiture of property: HB 1269, SHB 1269
Citations issued by officer, considering in assessing performance, prohibiting: SB 6316
Criminal citations or complaints, license suspension when to failing to comply: HB 1282, SB 5328, SSB 5328, SB 6153
Driving under the influence, convictions, unlawful firearm possession after: HB 2590
Driving under the influence, prior offense time limitation: SB 5286, SB 5299, SSB 5299
Driving under the influence, seizure and forfeiture of property: HB 1269, SHB 1269
Driving under the influence, sentencing alternatives, when: HB 2314, SB 6160
Driving under the influence, unlawful firearm possession when felony charge of: SB 6163
Driving under the influence, vehicle impoundment when driver arrested: HB 2483
Driving while license suspended or revoked, fourth degree, creating: HB 1282, SB 5328, SSB 5328, SB 6153
Driving, negligent, second degree, with vulnerable user victim rider: SB 6045
Fines, consolidated payment plans: HB 1489, SHB 1489, SB 5575, SB 6153
Fines, unpaid, work group on economic burden of, convening: SB 6153
High occupancy vehicle lanes, infractions, additional penalty for: SB 5971, SSB 5971
High occupancy vehicle lanes, penalties for certain violations: HB 1710, SB 5695, * SSB 5695, CH 467 (2019)
Impaired driving, provisions: HB 1504, ESHB 1504, SSB 5299
Loads, loose matter in, failing to cover: HB 2186
Motorcycles, operator passing other vehicles, impeding of, infraction: SB 5254
Notices of infractions, license suspension when failure to respond or comply: SB 5462, SB 6153
Personal electronic devices, use during traffic delays, exemption, for whom: HB 1615
Personal electronic devices, use in stationary vehicle, exemption, for whom: HB 1616
Physical control of vehicle under the influence, provisions: HB 1269, SHB 1269, HB 1504, ESHB 1504, HB 2314, HB 2483, HB 2590, SB 5286, SB 5299, SSB 5299, SB 6160, SB 6163
Schools buses, with red flashing lights, failing to stop for: SB 5770
Speed zones, infractions within school, playground, or crosswalk zone: HB 1256
Tires, studded, prohibition in connection with phasing out: HB 1309
Toll nonpayment, additional fee: HB 1586, SB 5126
Traffic safety cameras, pilot program: ESHB 1793
Traffic safety cameras, provisions: HB 1229, SHB 1229, HB 1586, HB 1663, HB 1793, ESHB 1793, HB 2566, SB 5126, SB 5529, SB 5770, SB 5789
Traumatic brain injury account, traffic offense fee deposits into/use of: HB 1585, HB 1586, SB 5126, SB 5127, * ESSB 5127, CH 181 (2019)
Wireless devices, use when driving in certain zones, penalty increase: HB 1256