Bills by Topic Results

Bills that have passed the Legislature are shown in bold text with an * preceding them.

               (See also DISCRIMINATION; MINORITIES)
Affordable housing, development on religious organization property: HB 1377, * SHB 1377, CH 218 (2019), SB 5358, SSB 5358
Bible, student access to, access to foundational texts act of 2019: HB 2147
Chaplain, changing to "religious coordinator" for DOC institutions: HB 1485, * SHB 1485, CH 107 (2019), SB 5013
Christian Science treatment, abuse/neglect exemption references, removing: HB 1376, SB 5749
Educational institutions, postsecondary, religious accommodations by: SB 5166, * SSB 5166, CH 182 (2019)
Hate crimes, involving religious scripture, property, attire, or items: SSB 5850
Health care faith-based practices, abuse/neglect exemption, when: HB 1376, SB 5749
Homeless persons, religious organizations hosting, prohibitions/requirements: HB 1754, SHB 1754, SB 5644
Knights of Columbus, Catholic fraternal service organization, recognizing: * SR 8613 (2019)
Prayer, by public employees, protecting: HB 1618
Protection orders, extreme risk, when threat of harm to certain groups: SB 5745, SSB 5745
Schneerson, Rabbi Menachem, recognizing his vision by recognizing "education and sharing day": * HR 4638 (2019)
Sharon Park, Sister, honoring for community service through Catholic organizations: * HR 4636 (2019)
Sikhism, Sikh American community's celebration of Vaisakhi: * SR 8639 (2019)
Students, education rights regardless of religious beliefs/immigration status: HB 1779, SB 5834